1.0.1: Achievement "Learn to Tinker" not achievable in SMP

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    What is the bug:
    Ran 1.0.0 and tried to get "Learn to Tinker" wich doesn't worked. So I went here and seen : oh, there is a 1.0.1 out. So I downloaded client and server, started up a new world, tried again ... and still not achievable.
    Even tried the v.2 book.

    But works correctly in SSP and CSP, just SMP is somehow bugged.

    BTW : is there a "good" key-layout for all those mods ? Cause its hard to pin down all keybinds on just 26 letters. Also many mods using US-layout wich screws up on other layouts like DE or FR as brackets are mapped differently.
    Also : where all the key-configs are ? Even used "o" on the options menu and search all the configs but still didn't get all used keys. A "over-all map listing" would be nice.

    And still : lots of errors ... but nevermind ...

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:
    Start server, join, open the Tinkers-book > surprise : no achievement. (Only on SMP 1.0.1)

    Known Fix:
    Maybe update to latest TConstruct ... didn't tested cause no newer version found.
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