1.0.0: Router Reborn Storage Interaction (Possible Dupe)

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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
Actually performed and verified only in 1.0.1, but no selection for that yet. =)

I've sent the details in PM to you, Gideon, but am making this post so it's on the general radar and so anybody else reporting things can see this and know it's known, without going into the specifics (so we can save server owners some conniptions).

There are a couple economy-breaking issues involving the Router Reborn storage units and their interactions with at least a couple other mods. Properly executed this can result in a literal infinite supply of any item, which is why I am not going into public detail.

Mod & Version:
Router Reborn

Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

Can it be repeated:
You betcha.

Known Fix:
Server owners wanting to avoid economic "surprise" might want hack up their Minetweaker or use the appropriate other tools to disable crafting the Router Reborn storage units for now, and wipe any existing ones.
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