1.0.0: 1.0.0 - Achievement after PneumaticCraft Crashes Client

Discussion in 'Inventions 1.7.10' started by mrkrrtft, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. mrkrrtft

    mrkrrtft New Member


    What is the bug:
    When going through the Achievements, the minecraft client crashes when trying to click after PneumaticCraft.

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:
    Yes, It can be repeated.

    Go to Achievements
    Click on Minecraft
    Click on Industrial Craft 2
    Click on PneumatiCraft

    Game crashes a few seconds after clicking on PneumatiCraft

    Known Fix:
  2. Vaevictus

    Vaevictus New Member

    I've also experienced this thing exactly.
  3. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    -- System Details --
            Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
            Operating System: Windows 7 (amd64) version 6.1
            Java Version: 1.8.0_25, Oracle Corporation
    Update your java and try again
  4. Vaevictus

    Vaevictus New Member

    1.8.0_25 is the version bundled with minecraft. So crashing with that shouldn't happen regardless.
    The java i've got on my system is 8u92. If i edit the curse profile to utilize 8u92, the crash still happens.

    @Booker The Geek : did you try to reproduce this?
  5. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member


            at appeng.items.parts.ItemMultiPart$PartTypeWithVariant.access$400(ItemMultiPart.java:355)
            at appeng.items.parts.ItemMultiPart.func_77617_a(ItemMultiPart.java:182)
            at net.minecraft.item.Item.func_77650_f(Item.java:440)
            at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_77954_c(ItemStack.java:117)
            at appeng.parts.p2p.PartP2PTunnel.renderInventory(PartP2PTunnel.java:133)
            at appeng.client.render.BusRenderer.renderItem(BusRenderer.java:157)
            at net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient.renderInventoryItem(ForgeHooksClient.java:183)
            at net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderItem.func_82406_b(RenderItem.java:563)
    It is the "PartP2PTunnel" image that is crashing the game. no idea as to why.
  6. Mattfreyer45

    Mattfreyer45 New Member

    The Ptp items are removed from their version of AE2 but the achievement is still there so it crashes when it tries to load image.
  7. B1nary.V01d

    B1nary.V01d Guest

    Delete your AE2 config to fix this.

    That will re-enable meteorites, skystone chests, skystone, and P2P tunnels.

    I don't understand why P2P has been turned off in this pack...

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