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Dedicated Server Hardware
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X | 128GB ECC RAM | Full NVME Storage

Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a Modded Minecraft server network that hosts ATM - Volcano Block, FTB Skies, FTB Inferno, All the Mods 7 - To the Sky, FTB Ultimate: Anniversary, and FTB OceanBlock servers, with a server that will feature our custom modpack, "Galactic Drive" on the way!

The ATM - Volcano Block includes;

  • In-Game > Discord chat integration.

All of our servers restart every 12 hours.

CLICK HERE FOR THE RULES Our rules are simple, but ever changing. Make sure to check them for changes occasionally.

Owner: Zediious
Head-Moderator: MohamdSaan
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Latest updates

  1. Modpack update to v1.0.8, the latest release!

    The modpack has been updated to the latest version, 1.0.8! Be sure to delete and re-install the...