Bedcraft - Pure Forge, custom mods, offline chunkloading, professionally run

Open Bedcraft - Pure Forge, custom mods, offline chunkloading, professionally run

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FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock
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Bedcraft - Pure Forge, custom mods, offline chunkloading, professionally run​

Fancy playing the original expert pack that started them all? Bedcraft, known for hosting old modpacks like FTB Ultimate 1.4.7 or Tekkit Classic, has publically released their FTB Infinity Skyblock server. After testing it with our community, I feel confident to release it to the general public!

Our server utilizes custom mods and fixes to ensure a stable and fun experience for all our players. Here are some features that make our server special:
  • Pure Forge: Our focus on a bug-free experience means we've opted for Forge serverside mods, avoiding Bukkit / Thermos / Cauldron / Crucible.
  • FTB Islands rewrite: We've revamped FTB Islands to be more functional and useful. Players can create their own islands, visit others, and enjoy additional exciting features. For those interested, our fork is available on GitHub.
  • Offline Chunkloading: Your base will remain loaded for 48h after you logged off. This value might change, depending on the server's player count.
  • Custom Proxy: Chat with players on other servers and stay connected on server restarts
  • Vote Restarts: Have a say in server restarts with the /shutdown command to initiate a restart vote.
  • Custom patches: We've fixed bugs in mods through our own mod, open-source on GitHub, contributing to an improved experience for all players.
  • Minor fixes: AE2 Wrench works in autocrafting, fixed ComputerCraft pastebin
At Bedcraft, we pride ourselves on being a small community. Here, you won't just be a number; you'll be known and recognized by name. We value genuine connections and foster a welcoming environment where everyone can get involved as much as they like.

Connect to our server at, also join our Discord for updates and community interaction. We'd love to see you in game!​

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