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Stoneblock 3
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A great server to play on with friends, or to just make some!
We're working on getting a few more modded servers up and running along with some vanilla smp/rpg style servers.
Feel free to join our discord, we have channels to talk about your interests and a forum for server issues/suggestions.
If this server is ever offline for any reason and the admins aren't around, you can also start the server using our discord bot.

Feel free to check out our vanilla/minigame servers at:
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Stoneblock v1.5.0

    Hello everyone, we've just updated the server. Please refer to FTB's docs for the change logs.
  2. Updated to Stoneblock v1.4.3

    Please refer to the FTB announcement for release notes
  3. Updated to Stoneblock v1.4.1

    Please refer to the FTB announcement for release notes