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This server was made by me and I made it thinking of having a place to play whenever I want and wherever I am.
So, everyone is welcome, and feel free to join me! :)

Uptime: 24/7 (Always open)
Backups are made on each hour on my GH page, so if you want to download any version of it you are welcome!
I am hosting this server on oracle cloud and it will be open forever (Unless the FTB team releases a new version of this mod pack, but in this case, we can discuss what to do about it, but it is important to remember that our backup will exist forever.

I made a discord server that contains my number that you can send me a Whatsapp message.

I'm making this server public because playing all alone is kinda boring and the Idea is to have someone to share our base and build and create awesome things.

Thinking on it, any kind of griefing is completely prohibited, and if something happens I'll try to solve it in the best way possible.

Anything else, send me a message on discord or on whatsapp that is available inside the discord channel.
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