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    Why no new launcher.

    I did PM you, I am interested in website development with you guys, and would love to be a part of this if you are still looking for developers. :) If you no longer are in need then if you could say then i would appreciate it ;)
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    Login sessions

    I think that threads are marked as read automatically after a reasonable amount of time, i think its just a Zenfo thing...
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    Can't download anything, only me?

    Downloads may just have been overloaded. Give it another go and if doesnt work just reply :)
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    Hey Peeps

    Hey Guys, Im Wild1145, most people just call me Wild. I am a player of FTB (When my PC wants to cope) and also enjoy direwolf's Video's. Im from the UK and also enjoy developing websites in my spare time, i run my own small business (Superior-Networks), help run a small server network...
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    Why no new launcher.

    I have to admit that i am rather interested in working as a Website developer with you guys, Is it just Slowpoke i need to message? Or is there someone else??
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    New site feedback

    It has been a while since i have actually visited the site. This site does look much sleeker and cleaner than the old one, and i do like it very much ;)
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    As i said on the twitter, and i will here. What do the developers of the mods that you use think, as they have agreed to allow you to use the mods, however by converting to a actual business, they may not like it. I understand that you allow them to sell there produce, however some may not want...
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    New You-tuber, Would love opinions on how i am doing :)

    Hey I have been trying to get into YouTube for a while and i just have, ive uploaded around 10 episodes from my single player lets play, and i'm setting up a private FTB server for me, some friends and possible other you-tubers to play on, but i would like some comments from you guys as to how...
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    Support site/forum

    I have sent Rob and Slowpoke a message Regarding a ticket system, along with a knowledge base and a live support system, i think this would be better!
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    In your game host CP someone must have clicked the update button
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    Forums ARE AWESOME!!!!!

    Are you just updating to 3.0.11 and adding some extras or are you doing a complete re-do of the fourm?
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    Thanks and its Also hopfully gunna get some live streaming going, doing some mini tests at the moment
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    Forums ARE AWESOME!!!!!

    PHPBB has to be the best Forum software around :D
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    Hey all, I am wild1145, i am a youtuber, like to do lets plays and my new series, lets build, a creative series where i just build items, I am currently the website owner and maintainer of a number of websites and forums, using PHPBB3, and have watched all of Direwolf20's Feed the beast...