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    (Official) FTB Resurrection Beta Testers

    Minecraft IGN:Vanroden Teamspeak Access: yes and yes Modded Minecraft Experience: started playing modded in ultimate =) started a server shortly after Can you set up an instance in MultiMC: yup GregTech 5 Experience (1.7.10): none, but i learn fast =) Why I should choose you to be a tester for...
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    Open Server [AnthenonGaming] - Direwolf20[1.7.10] - 24/7 - Growing Community - []

    AnthenonGaming Direwolf20 - 1.7.10 - v1.0.1 Server SERVER IP : Anthenon Gaming is a new Gaming community, We used to be the Anthenoncraft minecraft server. We have reopened and now have a TPPI server, a DW20[1.7] server, and a Whitelisted modsauce server ALL SERVER...