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    Open Lava duplication glitch via CC:T and IC2

    To reproduce: Fill an IC2 Universal Fluid Cell with lava. Place the filled fluid cell in inventory slot 1 of a turtle. Place a BuildCraft tank in front of the turtle. Right-click on the turtle. Enter the interactive lua prompt by typing lua followed by the return key. Type while true do...
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    100% CPU Usage Caused by root.tick.textures

    Here's the full log: I simply started the game and generated a new map. There're some network errors that arise because my wi-fi decided it would be a good time to drop.
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    100% CPU Usage Caused by root.tick.textures

    The lag is just as bad in SSP as in SMP. What's odd is that FTB Ultimate used to run fine on this computer, but suddenly, it has become unplayable. Could it be a Linux kernel update that messed it up? I hear that Java's performance sometimes varies greatly from one kernel to the next, but...
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    100% CPU Usage Caused by root.tick.textures

    Hello everyone, this is my first post! I had taken a break from FTB in order to study for finals and upon returning to the the game, I've been experiencing a pretty frustrating problem that I really can't seem to solve. I've narrowed it down to: It's definitely a client-side problem. The...