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  • Couple things: Is that Lil' Cal n' shit for your Icon? Second, Vodkacorn as in like a Unicorn, but it's got a bottle of vodka instead of a horn? Third: What's your favorite ship? Fourth, I need to go get some apple juice.
    The Illustrious Vodkacorn
    1. Yes. From Guidestuck.
    2. Yes.
    3. all of them. every last one. except your favorites.
    4. get me some faygo too :3
    The only ship I like is actually canon. Dave / John Pale(that's the red diamond, right? If not, oh shit, whatever, them with not flushed but still red).

    That being said, I need to get some Faygo too. Man, I could go for some of that Peach shit again. honkHONK
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