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    Noob trying to set up Creeperhost server

    I too am very new at running a server so I can't personally help you, but I did want to let you know creeperhost tech support was helpful on the 2 issues I recently had with the server. Submit a ticket if the user above can't resolve your problem.
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    creeperhost questions

    Glad to hear you are up and running.. :)
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    creeperhost questions

    i went with the spider option.. paid the extra $5 to have them set it up. They did my setup very quickly... however, I had contacted them on Saturday asking question before placing my order on Monday, so maybe that fast tracked me. I also paid via paypal.
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    creeperhost questions

    I just setup a server with them on Monday.. all went smooth. and it was easy to install the .jar i wanted Make sure you download client side server programs so you can edit your ops and whitelist.
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    DW20 5.1.1 Crash before menu - worked previously -chickenchunks.cfg?

    I've been having the same issue.. Tried the above suggestion... and it didn't work... Only solution I have is to reboot the computer everytime I stop playing... or just never log off..