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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Infinity Evolved 2.3.3 Expert Mode| Mods Added| Whitelist | Mature | Small Community|

    What is your IGN (Case sensitive): Sphinnxx Age (Must be 18+) : 27 How long have you been playing Minecraft : 2 - 3 years orso Do you accept the rules : I do Where are you from? : The Netherlands How big is your knowledge of mods? (e.g. Tinkers construct, Railcraft) : I have a reasonable...
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    Server Specs?

    Hi guys and gals, I'm thinking about starting to host a private server from my home for me and my friends to jump onto, since P2P is fun and all but the server shuts down when the host shuts down his PC meaning no continues production from farms, quarries etc etc. Mainly I want to be hosting...