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    FTB Continuum Release

    Congrats for making it through the Pack. I have done that too and agree with you to a certain degree. I actually assigned an EMC Value to the breath and scales because there is no way to automate the collection which is a flaw in my opinion. For the Spidereye etc, it is a Problem in...
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    FTB Pack not listed on

    Greetings, I was just confused that I cannot find FTB Pack on, only on are they listed. Ist that normal or just an oversight? It might be relevant because the first page ist ranked higher on google than the...
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    Build to Generate 540 Million EMC per Minute

    Hey guys, my new Tutorial is out on YouTube. This time I am focusing on generating massive amount of EMC in FTB Continuum, Sky Adventures and more. I hope you guys like it an find it helpful for your playthroughs. English: German:
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    Sky Adventures - Lets Play [German/Deutsch]

    Thanks :-)
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    Sky Adventures - Lets Play [German/Deutsch]

    Spielname: FTB Sky Adventures (modded Minecraft 1.12) Angefangen am: 17.10.2018 Fertiggestellt am: Läuft noch. Genre: Modded Minecraft - Skyblock Plattform/System: PC Story/Aufgabe im Spiel: Eine Skyblock Variante von FeedTheBeast, der Entwicklergruppe hinter Infinity Evolved etc. Zusätzliche...
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    Request Dragons Breath in FTB Continuum

    yeah, the black Elytra works - already doing it. It's tedious - but doable.
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    Request Dragons Breath in FTB Continuum

    Greetings, I am playing Continuum for quite some time now and going into the crafting of creative machines. Sadly It needs a few thousand dragons breath and there is (to the knowledge of my and my com) no option to automate this process. We love Continuum so far, but this takes a lot of the...
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    [GER] Lets Play FTB Continuum

    Weiter gehts in Continuum. Der nächste große Schritt bricht an. Der Flug zu anderen Planeten - das wird sicher ned so einfach, aber einer muss es ja machen.
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    How to make Power in early to midgame Minecraft FTB Continuum [Tutorial][1.12 modded]

    I have seen lots of questions regarding Power Generating in FTB Coninuum, especially in mid game. Therefore I took some time to figure out the best options to create good amounts of RF for the early to midgame. FTB Continuum is an Expert Modpack by FeedTheBeast for Minecraft 1.12.2...
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    My Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners of FTB Continuum [Tutorial]

    With the help of my communty and the FTB Subreddit, I created a collection of nice to know tipps for starting in FTB Continuum. The video is also available in German:
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    FTB Continuum Release

    Yeah, Continuum is far from a kitchen sink pack. Every mod in there is clearly handpicked and adjusted to fit the flow of progress. The only thing I would miss is are bigger and stronger monsters to slay and Decocraft. Overall, me and my community really like the pack. And my server is really...
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    [GER] Lets Play FTB Continuum

    Nachdem das FTB Beyond Expert Pack offenbar einen stillen Tod gestorben ist, kommt jetzt mit FTB Continuum der geistige Nachfolger von Infinity Evolved - dem beliebtesten Modpack ever!
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    February News

    Any Chance to get in onto the FTB One and Cover Continuum for the German Folks on YT and Twitch?
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    Tips and Tricks for Hatchery and Chickens [Sky Factory 3]

    Greetings Mincrafters, :) Those are my top tips and tricks with chickens and hatchery that helped me to get the most out of both mods in Sky Factory 3. Enjoy and I hope it helps you. *waves* And as usual, there is also a German Version available. :-)
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    Closed Calculator wrench/sickle uncraftable due to recipe conflict with silent gems.

    There is a temporary workaround, tested it on my server. 1.) open <minecraftdir>\config\sgextraparts.cfg 2.) scroll the the calculator section at the bottom 3.) set DisableAll=true 4.) craft tools in the Vanilla crafting table