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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    T-shirts are okay, but I really want mod related foam tools. You see lots of people at conventions with those large foam Pickaxes, but I want an MPS Power Tool or the IC2 Diamond Drill in foam.
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    Tinker's Alloys

    That threader is manual operation only. Its not quick either and has a randomized, long reset. I guess if all you have is Chainz and TC....
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    Any good free games?
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    Open Server Beauty in Simplicity | Enhanced Adventures Modpack [1.5] | Open | Economy | MobArena

    Portal networks could be ad hoc or have some sort of organization with their call signs. An idea with some thoughts. Slight wall of text so be warned: There would be three type of dial numbers: - Public - This is for the network of public portals people use for general exploration and fast...
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    I fee like there is a config option that has the nuclear reactor output steam instead of EU.
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    What Do You Guys Think About Cheating?

    When I moved to 1.5.2, but had not discovered TiC I used to cheat to turn the umpteen million buckets I found dungeoning back into Iron Ingots.
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    Why is FZ Clay Sculpting never mentioned?

    So with the latest versions of Factorization you can make free-form clay sculptures which are fired, copied, and glazed. All anyone talks about when it comes to Factorization is ore efficiency or the routers. I'm curious why this awesome decoration ability gets ignored.
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    Biomes O' Plenty: Too Much Water edition

    You could always build some docks or platforms to stick your structures on. Kinda nice in that creepers just bob around not blowing your stuff up.
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    What is the fastest way to get rid of a mountain.

    Not sure if Unleashed has the right mod(might be Metallurgy) but HE TNT is a very !!!FUN!!! way to level a mountain. If you have the resources you could always go the Nuke or exploder Nuke Reactor route.
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    Why isn't Factorization compared to TE or IC2?

    Factorization is a bit finicky for throughput based packs. However it fits in with the more vanilla(by hand) style modpacks. I personally like its take on solar boilers. Also the ceramics sculpting and firing system is very unique for decorators. It is the equivalent of making wood crafted...
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    Open Server Beauty in Simplicity | Enhanced Adventures Modpack [1.5] | Open | Economy | MobArena

    I guess this thread is the working forum for this server. That being said........ We should discuss some possible community projects for when it gets reset.
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    Your ideas for progress in FTB?

    This is my current playstyle on the Enhanced Adventures 3rd Party Pack. 1. Survive first few nights in dirt hovel. 2. Make set of Stone/Flint based TC gear and really cheap armor. 3. Travel until I find new site close to interesting generated structures. 4. Create shaft mine and get...
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    A Whole New World

    Like the Energy Conduits and the ME Network.
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    A Whole New World

    Those are not taken from the same spot.
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    Open Server Beauty in Simplicity | Enhanced Adventures Modpack [1.5] | Open | Economy | MobArena

    I vote yea, I just had a mess of storage crate and am kinda glad to see it go.