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    1.10.2 Railcraft Factory Work-around

    CJ built in alternative recipes until the ovens are done. You get a bottle of creosote oil if you burn a piece of charcoal in a vanilla oven (two bottles per piece of coal). I don't know the the recipe for steel atm, but I'm sure a little digging in JEI or NEI will give you an answer.
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    Logistics Pipes Default Route and Machine Crafting

    You have to assign one side as output (main output red) so LP can pull out. On this side you don't want any pipe. The yellow output (byproduct) can be connected to a pipe so the machine can put out its byproduct to your network. The crafting pipe sits on the input of the machine. As an...
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    Logistics Pipes Default Route and Machine Crafting

    Note that the crafting pipe wants to take the crafted product out of the machine by itself. Items put out of the machine automatically do not count to the crafting process and are ignored by the crafting pipe/module. The easiest way to set up machine crafting is to attach the crafting...
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    Cyclic Assembler Help needed badly!

    With knowledge of lua you can use computercraft Extra Utils transfer nodes can do that, too, but are a bit fiddly If you like to go crazy you can use Buildcraft gates and filtered buffers Best option would be Logistic Pipes, because the supplier pipe can actively request missing items from your...
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    Logistic pipe+ Tesseract comunication problem

    Tesseracts do NOT transfer the LP-Energy. You'll need a power junction on both locations.
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    Logistic pipes over long distances using tesseracts still possible?

    1) Tesseracts don't transfer LP-Energy, just RF. You have to have a logistics power junction on the far end to power the far system 2) You use the wrong pipes. Basics work to sort out items pushed through the tesseract by other means. You need Logistics system connector pipes (I don't remember...
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    Split items with Logistic Pipes

    In general, you're right. There is a separation between active and passive request, but with one exception: If there are active requests in the system and the requested item isn't available, a new item entering the system will consider active requests and it will be sent directly to the actve...
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    Split items with Logistic Pipes

    There is no 'round robin' or item splitting in LP and there is no need for that. Items entering the system are routed based on priority: 1st: active requests (e.g. player request or supplier pipe) 2nd: passive requests (e.g. passive supplier module) 3rd: specified item sinks (item sink module...
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    What would YOU change about BuildCraft?

    Sure, it's nice to have mods that care for performance, but you can't demand from a mod to take care that no one kills performance. BC itself has no problems with loaded chunks and people will find other ways to load their chunks while they're off.
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    What would YOU change about BuildCraft?

    @Chris Becke: Then why don't you try and eliminate the 'poorly performing systems'? Stopping the pipes from junkloading doesn't fix the problem. You'd attend the symptoms, not the illness.
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    Logistics Pipes Help

    Might be a timing problem. When the system asks for a destination for dirt just in the momend as a cobble was sent to the trashcan, the terminus module can't react, because there is no room and the dirt goes to the default route. Try setting a trashcan for each type or use a disposal device...
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    Buildcraft builder : reactorcraft

    You don't get it: A TE is just a bunch of bytes from the outside (the builder's view). There is no way to decide, which of those are meant to hold inventories. There is no way to decide, which of those bytes are vital to the TE. So you either place the whole thing as exact copy or not at all...
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    Buildcraft builder : reactorcraft

    The 'inventory' setting is impossible to code as there is no way to tell, how an unknown TE handles their inventory. The compatibility mode is built into buildcraft compat. Afaik there is a builder API that mod authors can use to make their TEs compatible.
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    How to efficiently farm for biofuel

    Wow, torches, you say! Fences! I never thought of that! Thanks for enlightening me, kind sir, you are my personal hero of the day! All the years I was suffering not knowing how to protect my farms from peril! Now you come and just give me the solution, I bow for you! Perhaps I want my farms...
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    Buildcraft builder : reactorcraft

    Nope, same principle. The problem is: You'd have to place an exact copy of the unknown TE in the blueprint. This would open the gates to item duping. E.g. a TE with inventory would be placed including all items in the inventory, but those items wouldn't be demanded in the needed item list.