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  • Hello, Rob - I don't actually know you at all, but I'd like to volunteer some of my time and abilities - I'm a web developer (learned HTML in 3rd grade, and have since added to that CSS, a small bit of javascript, PHP and MySQL) and wanted to know if I could help you out in any way?
    I have no idea.Yesterday,i saw Direwolf20 pack and Mindcrack pack were added, i cant download them,then i am confused it says "Error downloading modpack" even Direwolf20 pack too.Then. i delete the Direwold20 and Mindcrack file.I though i download is success then its Vanilla minecraft.

    they say there a 1.4.6 update like newer version of Beta Pack A i cant find it on my launcher too.
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    i think they mean mindcrack/direwolf20 packs?
    I am new to FTB and am wondering why I can not play it? I was playing it earlier today, but for some reason it won't start up. I would really appreciate if you could tell me what is going on. Keep up the good work and thanks!
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