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  • Started up my tokamak for the first time after building it and then I crashed!
    Pastebin link:

    EDIT: I didn't know where to post this, that's why its here
    You have two turbines pointed at each other.
    I built your design in you 'would you build this?' topic anyway how to fix it without instantaneously crashing?
    Delete the turbines with a tool like MCEdit. Also, seeing as the setup in the image does not crash (verified by the existence of the image), you set the turbines incorrectly. This was fixed for the next update, but the design is still incorrect. If you have further questions, take this to a PM.
    Is it possible to code an option that allows you to disable certain Rendering in RoC (just asking for peopling with not so great pc's that still wants to play your mod, (i know that advanced rendering is one of your principles that you won't ever damage, so that why I thought a while if I should post this question))
    BTW just made a Tokamak Reactor, I was like "why didn't I download this mod earlier?"
    Hello Reika, I absolutely love your mods. I recently made a fusion reactor in my survival world of FTB Monster (latest version). I got everything set up but for some reason when I start up the plasma injector, some of the plasma escapes the circle. I saw the post you reacted to earlier where you said it could be lagg, but I can't see any of the plasma jumping back into the ring. Any thoughts?
    ( I don't know if I should write this here, but I found Bug while playing with MeteorCraft and Applied Energistics)
    What is the Bug?
    If a Meteor falls down and Certus Quartz Ore Spawns with the Meteor, then if I mine the Certus Quartz SOMETIMES I get the ore itself and not the Crystal.
    Versions: MeteorCraft V19; Applied Enerdistics rv14
    Hope that this is really a bug :)

    Keep up the good work
    I've spoken with members of tekkify and they've said that when a Geostrata crystal is silk touched, it cannot be placed back down.
    I just realized I am the developer of 18 mods, 15 of which are complete and 13 which have been released. O_O
    I should clarify, only seven trophy points. So basically you still have to get a trophy worth at least seven points, such as the next tier of "well liked" trophies, which is at 250 likes.
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