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    Direwolf20 season 7 - Huzzah!

    For the next time, you don't really need to clear a spot in your hotbar to pickup a book. Simply right click the book on the ground and the GUI will open. left click on the book in the upper-left corner and drag it to an empty space in your inventory! Or... did that change in the 1.7 versions...
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    1.0.1: Thermal Exp Ducts & Conduits?

    EnderIO use facades (not the BC facades). It's a block that is crafted quite easily and can be painted in a painting machine to look like almost any block you want. The good part about EnderIO is that those conduits can be bundled in one block. You can run power, redstone, itemtransport...
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    {Direwolf 20pack} Power gen

    I really fancy the x8 and x64 extra utils generators. I haven't really put much time in my world yet but I guess i'm starting with the x8 survivalist generators. If I understand it correctly those should produce 8x5rf/t = 40 RF/t with quite some efficiency! For mid and late game power, Big...
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    [Release] DW20 1.7.10 Starter Map

    Thanks, this makes it just a bit easier to get started. It's not a giant leap forward but you just saved me from punching a few trees by hand, which is nice. I did miss a bed though (and it gets dark kinda fast from your saved game) and the torch placement inside the building is not that good...
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    DW20 lag problem. Which mod is causing it?

    For fun sake, try a different (MultiMC) launcher. I wouldn't have believed something like that would work but I had the same issues, tried to disable a few mods but it wouldnt do much. Then I found this post and just tried it. I went from extreme stutters to a 120FPS+ smooth gameplay, just by...
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    Bad lag in the new direwolf20 1.7.10 pack.

    Install multiMC and open the program. Then go to options and check the "import FTB instances" option. Then the FTB packs you use should automatically be imported!
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    Bad lag in the new direwolf20 1.7.10 pack.

    I'm using Java 1.7.0_45 (64-bit) and have both launcher setup the same way. Permsize of 256MB, allocation memory of 512MB to a max of 4096MB. No extra arguments. Seems the multimc launcher is doing something extra on it's own, or it's somehow way more optimized than the FTB launcher. Anyway...
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    Bad lag in the new direwolf20 1.7.10 pack.

    I had the same issues until Sawney suggested I try launching with MultiMC which fixed it for me. ;) And now i'm intrigued as to why that is. My regular server (TPPI) was down so I figured it was time to check the new DW20 pack. The lag was horrible, even without BoP enabled. It was so bad, I...
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    Hostile mobs won't spawn in the overworld

    Just because someone says they can't find any, does not mean there aren't any. You never had an insane amount of hecates (or how are they called?) pile up in one chunk? Using opis to count the mobs wasn't out of place, if you ask me, especially because other dimensions do not seem to have this...
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    Hostile mobs won't spawn in the overworld

    You might have hit the max mob count in the overworld. I suggest you use opis to see how many mobs of each type you have. Alternatively you can do /cofh killall to kill all hostile mobs. Let us know how many mobs it have killed.
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    Clay in bulk

    This is quite true, if you start with the sludge boiler when you need the big quantities of clay. However, I mostly start with a MFR harvester and sludge boiler pretty soonish in game and save all the stuff it makes. By the time I need clay in bigger quantities, I have saved up quite a lot...
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    Downside of chunk loaders

    For chunkloaders: Railcraft has the personal anchors, they only work when you are online. Depending on the config settings, you might need to fuel them with enderpearls. Besides this easy fix, you might want to work on your power system. There are a lot of ways to create a self sustaining...
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    As far as I understand it, you can never move the spawn chunks. You can move your re-spawn (sleeping in a bed etc) but that does not mean those become the spawn chunks. That never worked that way as far as I know. Chunkloaders are a good solution, instead of guessing you now know the chunks...
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    I'm not too sure, but it could be that in AgS the place where you spawn is not actually "spawn". It could have been moved in this map and there is even an in-game command (/jspawn I believe) to change it. Initially chunk loaders didn't even work when you were offline. I imagine Jaded first...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    That is part of the UI of the AM2 mod. I believe you can type /amuicfg and then move the buff/debuff boxes around to where you like them.