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    Anyone know of a working mod for this?

    This might work, you need to set up a server to run Sponge, but this plugin should allow you set per world inventories,
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    DW20 1.12 teleport home options

    FTB Utilities should have an option to set home. You might need to edit the config to allow setting them. Also depending on what minimap the pack has, you might be able to teleport to a waypoint, you may need to eanble cheats to do so.
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    Request Can someone please make this small modpack for me please

    There should be a crash report in the packs folder and it should tell whats wrong. First thing I recomment is to remove Optifine, it's not supported and may cause issues. Another thing to check is that you have installed the correct version of Forge. Also make sure you have installed any library...
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    Cant connect?

    Check that you have the correct version on the pack. The error shows that you have different versions of the mods on your client than on the server.
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    Hosting server but the console says that there are too many arguments in command line

    Which modpack? What are you using to start it? What OS are you using?
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    Crackpack w/ cauldron issue

    Missing Mods: Forge : [,) Update Cauldron.
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    Cauldron server need help ASAP

    Check the crash reports and logs folder and see if there is a log from when you try to start the server.
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    Request Can someone help me create a FTB Space Astronomy 1.7.10 Spigot Server ?

    To run Bukkit plugins with mods you need to use Thermos.
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    Modded Private Server crash

    Remove resource loader from the server, it's a client side mod.
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    direwolf20 1.12 bee house output problem

    You cannot automate bee houses, you need an apiary to be able to connect ducts or transfer nodes.
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    Forge essentials and ftbutils

    Post the crash report, it's impossible to say anything without it.
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    Closed ~3 second freezes at random times.

    Try increasing the allocated ram to 6gigs.
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    1.7.1 server?

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    launcher crashes

    Use Java 8.
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    Unsupported major.minor Version 51 but I have Java 1.7 installed?

    Java 1.8 is what you need, Java 1.9 does not work with ftb.