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    bigger pictures?

    oh wow i didn't know you could do something like that nice! Sure ill look into some unwritten articles
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    bigger pictures?

    sign me up :p I'm having a trouble on where to start tackling the wiki; something easy and repetitive like this would be a good start for me. Lemme know if its approved and the steps :)
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    bigger pictures?

    I like the my example grass block wikipedia article. It has both a zoomed version of the block plus the original small image below it.
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    bigger pictures?

    hey reptep Whoah what is that receipe haha nice. Anyway, I mean the image in the infobox on the right. I might be interested in dumping higher resolution. Would we be able to start by copying the image from the official minecraft wikipedia: Should...
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    bigger pictures? What do you guys feel about making blocks in wiki pages a bit bigger. Maybe not as big this grass block in the wiki page above but... how about this size: It'd be nice to see the blocks instead of having to squint :(. Could we zoom in on the already...
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    Different updates on mods?

    What are our thoughts when a mod goes through updates or even when a mod goes through lateral updates? Do we only keep the mod info updated to the latest version? Do we identify the different mod alternatives? Example is Industrialcraft 2 Since Minecraft version 1.7.10, Industrialcraft 2 is...
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    Wiki design feedback

    Thanks for the reply guys "I don't like the open navbox thing of the unofficial wiki. It's not really one less click, since the collapsible groups should already be open. It doesn't allow one to view the entire navbox without a bunch of clicking, and sometimes where one item/link may be isn't...
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    Wiki design feedback

    I started playing MC again; the last time I played was when FTB Ultimate came out! I am now heavily dependent on reading MC wikis and watching youtube tutorials. I came across this article as there is a need for wiki participants so i...
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    FTB forum rules not working I was going to post an intro however, I noticed that the link to the rules in Jaded's post is broken.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there a place where we can get a modlist comparsion of the different FTB modpacks? like one column is Infinity Evolved Skyblock, the other column is Skyfactory, etc?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer In that post back in Feb, it stated that 387191 downloaded FTB. How many times has FTB been downloaded up until now?
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    FTB recommended Server Hosters?

    Thank you Harvest88. Late reply cuz ive been busy. Ill notify my friends and see what we want to do.
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    FTB recommended Server Hosters?

    I am looking into starting another server but this time it will be a FTB server. Can anyone recommend me any Server Hosters to go with? I am looking for great hardware, cheap vps services, or if they have - dedicated server deals. A quick google search has given me a few server hosters but Id...
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    General Lag using any FTB pack

    I am receiving lag playing on any server or single player. If I do any machines it will lag a bit. Did a Quarry and its lagging pretty bad. Here is my pastebin. All my other friends aren't reciving the same lag and I have a good computer that can play hardcore pc games...