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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | Unleashed | Whitelist | PvE | Mature 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Events | Dedicated Server

    My IGN: Jamski22 Age: 24 New to mods:No About yourself: well im 24 from Uk played ftb since jan. i play many different games Will you be on our teamspeak?: yes
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    IGN : Jamski22 Age : 24 Why i want to join : im looking for a friendly server with people i can have a laught, fun and learn with Experience with FTB : i have been playing ftb since jan and know most of the mods
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    Private Pack Gaming!Craft - 1.5.2 [Whitelisted] | BC/IC2/TC3/ArsM/TE/GregTech [100+ Mods] | [Frequent Updates]

    Name: Jamie IG-Name: Jamski22 Age:24 Banned before?: no (include a Check report with Why do you want to join?: im looking to join a friendy server in which people are either working together or a...
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    ultimate pack on server

    auto world saves every 5 hrs but because it was from mindcrack to ultimate we decided to do a map restart =3
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    ultimate pack on server

    well its not just our base everywhere on the map where any snow from extra biomesXL that use's snow its has changed them so to say to have anything from 5 to 50 block high flat wall running for many many blocks so i feel either something has changed in that mod or coz of the mod pack change it...
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    ultimate pack on server

    well ill try explain this easy so you can get what has happened on a server i play and admin on 2 days ago changed from mindcrack to ultimate pack kept same world and added mining age to spawn the new ores. today we logged on all green swamp land now have rivens in it even tho they didnt (...
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    unable to launch any pack

    well after being off a few hrs today i tryed launched my ftb then selected a mod pack and with all packs i get IOException, minecraft servers might be down. Check @ Login failed: i checked ftb status,and minecraft all is online so dont know what to od
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    steam boilers

    water source blocks touching all 4 sides of each AA , 4 AA per boiler, never went out of water, it blew after a while after placing more industrial steam engines and a super laser assembly room ps using liquid ducts to pump water around
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    steam boilers

    erm its like this cobble platform with water with AA with water pipes pumping it up 4 blocks to boilers
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    steam boilers

    yes sorry ill correct some stuff we were running 4 aqueous accumlator per a boiler ( 4 boilers in total] we are using tesseracts to pump liquid about apart from water , thats getting pump right below the boiler * platform we made*
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    steam boilers

    have a question about these, i had 4 high pressure boilers, all with 4 AA all run on fuel, each 1 has 8 indust steam engines, 4 turbines, 1 turbine 3000m+ away, none stop fuel and water supply then randomly today after it being on for almost 24hrs stright 1 just blew up. dont know how or why but...
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    Mac Can't download modpacks from the server

    hopfuly it can be fixed soon as it kinda kick in the nuts trying to join a server i know found out needed atlest 10mod updates which are in the direwolf20 v5 pack i think xD