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    Up to date tutorials?

    Dare I ask if there are any up to date tutorials for starting from scratch (no real prior Java etc.) forge mod development for Minecraft 1.12?
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    Problem Thaumcraft space tear

    I havn't kept up on the latest versions of Thaumcraft, if I saw that in a world I'd assume some sort of Dr Who inspired / themed mod was being used. It does have a very @Azanor feel to it however.
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    Agrarian Skies: Crashing

    Which launcher? It sounds like the default java memory allocation is too small.
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    Bees: Spiteful/Hateful Queen Not Mutating?

    Good grief if you have Gendustry why are you messing around breeding bees. It literally has a machine that you put a princess and drone into, shows you the registered outputs and you choose the one you want, and a purebred queen comes out, both sets of alleles the new species ideal/perfect genotype.
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    Request IC2 Solar Panel Resource Guide

    I don't have a spreadsheet that I can share. But when I am building anything in AOE I typically make one. Google, Kingsoft, Excel whatever, they all have the same very simply way of putting formula in cells that reference other cells. I just use Call A1 to put the name of the thing I want, and...
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    Bees: Spiteful/Hateful Queen Not Mutating?

    Well, there are a couple of assumptions there I make as someone who develops software myself, but not minecraft or forestry mods specifically: * A well written base mode extension API would provide abstractions that meant that different add-on implementations wouldn't have to know about each...
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    BuildCraft Engine Help!

    Assuming BC hasn't changed too much from the version I am familiar with: Some blocks - mostly from other mods like Railcraft iirc - have an auto eject fluid feature that can confuse the issue. Also, once you have a laser table you can craft the pulsing gate thingy which will drive a fluid...
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    Bees: Spiteful/Hateful Queen Not Mutating?

    The stimulator is a component of Binnies mod and the Infernal Bee is from magic bees. Binnies Mod will have catered for Forestry Bees and its own, but as testing the biome is a forge feature not part of Forestry the biome override provided by the stimulator will go unnoticed by Magic Bees unless...
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    Most expensive possible reactor (IC2)

    I now know things about heat distribution in reactors I wish I didn't. Good grief its a mess. Basic summary - never use Heat Exchangers or Advanced Heat Exchangers as they will leak some heat into the reactor hull - which will invariably wander off and find some Reactor Heat Vent or Overclocked...
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    IC2 -- Nuclear Reactor Vents Uneven?

    Actually, having tinkered with reactor components in the simulators to understand heat distribution patterns better, I don't think the order that Fuel Cells distribute heat is relevant here. has anything to do with the Fuel Cell heat distribution. While it is defined I haven't had much success...
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    Most expensive possible reactor (IC2)

    Now you made me spend the whole weekend trying to see if I can maximise the amount of hull cooling one can get from overclocked heat vents. Its very tricky as any OCHV on the edge are going to have an excess 4hU/s - 8hU/s if in a corner. which means you must route the excess into the reactor...
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    Most expensive possible reactor (IC2)

    Personally, Ive played with them a bit. Bit Ive never found them that practical. They really boost the efficiency - and hence heat output - of a Fuel Cell, but also restrict the directions you can distribute heat out the cell. As such, they are easiest to work with by designing a reactor where...
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    IC2 -- Nuclear Reactor Vents Uneven?

    Exactly that. Quad Fuel Cells generate 96 HU by themselves - 160 HU when adjacent to another rod like in the above design. The best vent only sheds 20 HU from the reactor so you need to use heat exchangers to distribute the heat to enough heat vents. A different kind of reactor doesn't use...
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    IC2 -- Nuclear Reactor Vents Uneven?

    If you want a 4 quad 320EU/t reactor then this design will spread the heat properly. The plating in the corners can be omitted - they're only there to allow the rector to be automated. The total vent cooling on your design adds up to 332 HU/s, but your heat output in 640 HU/s - so you have...
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    Do People Enjoy Modded City Servers

    What does "vanilla modded" mean? Speaking only for myself, I am always on the lookout for a server that is: * modded with an interesting FTB pack like AOE. * has a community of semi casual builders so its not just a frenetic rush through the tech tree and then a mostly empty server after 1.5...