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    Help my I have a problem

    Seems you have MFR Compat installed without the MineFactory Reloaded base mod
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    Looking for Team to make HQM Style Pack

    Why would you be using 1.8? I feel like just by doing that you've killed off not only a lot of people's interest but also support from mod developers (including me). Some other things to consider: - How much planning have you done? - Do you know how to configure/balance mods? - Better get pretty...
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    Closed Ore Excavator takes durability from unbreaking Tinkers tools

    This might be something the Tinker devs could look into from their end. Ore Excavation fires the same block harvesting code as vanilla does during an excavation. My assumption is the unbreakable modifier can't keep up with the speed and breaks down somewhere but looking at the code more closely...
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    Closed OreExcavation on ForgeMicroBlocks gives Fatal Exit

    There was a update to fix this specific issue on the 7th of October. Try updating Ore Excavation and see if the issue remains.
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    Open [2.5.5] OreExcavator does not recognize similar log blocks as same

    Considering this doesn't happen on vanilla logs I'm going to assume those trees have specific item representations for those orientations/variants which is why Ore Excavation is detecting them as different blocks. I will see about adding in a block grouping override for this in future.
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    Closed OreExcavation on ForgeMicroBlocks gives Fatal Exit

    Do you have a log of this fatal exit error? (it will likely be in your normal console log file)
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    Open Crashes using vein miner

    That crash has been fixed in Ore Excavation and a new build has been sent to Darkosto
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    1.7.10 Total Meltdown [HQM][Tech][Space] - ABANDONED

    Never mind, just found the WIP version of this pack and the origin date. It's just a very unlucky coincidence I guess.
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    1.7.10 Total Meltdown [HQM][Tech][Space] - ABANDONED

    This sounds a lot like a pack me and a Twitch streamer have been working on. Where exactly did you get the idea for this?