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    Bedrock Ocean Block Problem

    Hay, if you could possibly put this on our issue tracker for Bedrock content, we should be able to get the developers to take a look into the issue you've described. You can find the Bedrock Content Issue Tracker here
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    Problem Failed to authenticate Microsoft account

    We've reverted the latest commit. Completely close the app and Overwolf and open it back up, hopefully you'll update to the new version that resolves this.
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    Exit Code: 0 and crash on startup

    You'll need to attach your crashlogs so I can see what's going wrong
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    Cant launch Modded minecraft

    Can you pastebin your crash log for me? I might be able to help here
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    Problem Trying to Set up FTB Infinity Evolved Server on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04

    What java version are you using? Use java -version to find out.