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    Do you struggle with "convenience" cheating?

    You sound like me
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    EnderIO Confing

    no it is the enderio configs i want to use Immersive Engineering ingots
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    EnderIO Confing

    I want to change to some of the recipes for EnderIO machines, I have copy the core config and started changing it in the user config, at of yet I have just done copper, but nothing happens, is there anything else I need to do or am I doing something wrong. <recipeGroup name="Common...
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    Bug FTB Infinity server time out

    Do not think it is the contention to the host as my direwofl20, AS2 and my mod pack server all work fine (i dont run then all at once), two of them have mystcraft and i have never had problem with them although it could be something new. Also I still have problem when the server been running...
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    Bug FTB Infinity server time out

    I have downloaded the ftb infinity server and client they both work but not together, when me or my sister try to connect to the sever we get a timed out after about 5 seconds. Mod pack version 2.2.2 Both the server and the clients are running same version of infinity and Minecrfat forge, i am...
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    1.5.0: Aromabackup not working on sever

    Version: 1.5.0 What is the bug: The modpack version is 1.7.0 I turned on aromabackup on my sever so if the world corrupts i can go back, but every time a backup starts it fails even if i use the /backup command it still fails. The only thing i can think it could be do to is that fact that...