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    Problem integrated tunnels player simulator

    Without knowing what pack your on or what you have available, the only thing I could think of is to limit the number of Scythes available at a time. Make it so only one is allowed in until it's gone.
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    Add mods

    Weird. I added Minecolonies and a few others to FTB Omnia without issue.
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    FTB Should be able to run in Offline Mode!

    Unless you're downloading mods/modpacks/starting minecraft a million times a month, then it shouldn't really matter that you're on a metered connection. I could be wrong, but the check that the client makes with Mojang to verify that it's legit is probably bytes or a few kilobytes in data. Your...
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    Problem Is The FTB Launcher safe

    Definitions change all the time. They have to to keep up with actual dangerous things. Depending on when you got it the definition that flagged FTB as dangerous could have been removed or possibly not added yet. It might have even been removed around the time you got FTB, then added again and...
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    Confused regarding new launcher

    Pretty much. The FTB launcher just sets up a version (instance) of Minecraft with the mods and then sets the minecraft launcher to properly launch minecraft with the mods. It basically does what people can (and used to have to) do manually.
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    FTB Utilities, how to increase allowed claimed chunks

    I'm on 1.15.2 and I don't even have a ranks.txt or json file. There are no files at all in the folder specified in this thread. Why is it so difficult? Why no ability to change from settings within the game and/or a simple config file like most other mods? Instead I have to search the internet...
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    Crash on startup

    What launcher are you using to play the game? Are you going through the Twitch App?
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    Crash on startup

    It's inside a folder called "logs" in your installation folder. Assuming you're using the Twitch App, right click on the profile you're using and then click on open folder. There you should be able to see a "logs' folder. Inside that you'll find a file called 'Latest" that's what you want. Open...
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    "Maybe try a lowerresolution resourcepack?" error while using default textures/no resource pack.

    Title "Maybe try a lowerresolution resourcepack?" error while using default textures/no resource pack. Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App Modpack FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10 Modpack version 1.10.0 Have you modified the pack? Yes Link to log file
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    Reward for reviews question

    Like you said, other than an all out ban on it, I don't see much else that could be done. The community reporting it is the only way I can think of that doesn't involve some kind of review review process or a mod who's almost full time job is to inspect that servers don't appear to be giving out...
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    Reward for reviews question

    Working in the video game industry, I see the problem with this kind of rule all the time. You're not demanding a good review, but the implication for it is still here. A game reviewer with the promise of free games, invitations to special events, and the like, can see all those rewards...
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    Bug False review/votes from whitelisting applications

    Would it be possible to add a tab to the server listings? The tab could have a built in form with the simple "IGN, Age, Reason for joining, What can you contribute, Questions/comments" questions that seem to be the standard for everyone, and the submit button sends the responses to the listing...
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    AE2 Question - Fuzzy Patterns?

    That might be it. It might be something worth suggesting as an additional feature. I usually keep most of my metals stored as dusts, so that when I need to make alloys or blends I don't have to go and pulverize ingots again. It would also save players from having to make tons of redundant...
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    AE2 Question - Fuzzy Patterns?

    I only used the term 'fuzzy' to simplify my description of the effect. It's 'fuzzy' except that it uses item type or name/part of the name. I know it's probably possible with other mods. I know logistics pipes (do those even still exist) were able to do it. As I said I'm almost positive I...
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    AE2 Question - Fuzzy Patterns?

    I'm playing around with AE2, and wanted to see if there was a way to export all dusts into a machine. I have the distinct memory of Direworlf doing something similar with a blank pattern. As I recall, he created a crafting pattern with a single dust and put it somewhere that made anything with...