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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 (v1.0.14) (mcv1.6.4)| 24/7 | Community | Small Server | Whitelist | No Banned Items |

    Ign? B1G_D_ Age? 17 Why you want to join this server? I like servers where everything is earned so the fact that nothing has been built in creative appeals to me, also I like small servers as everyone knows each other and allows friendships to form. Im hoping to delve into all the mods as...
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    Whitelist Server Beast Nation FTB| [Direwolf20 (v1.0.19)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+] [New Map] [ Small Community]

    it appears the server is back up, come and logg on guys, give me some company.
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    Whitelist Server Beast Nation FTB| [Direwolf20 (v1.0.19)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+] [New Map] [ Small Community]

    Minecraft Name: B1G_D_ Age : 18 Where do you live : UK Average Hours to Play (per day/week): err at least one a day to start with Extra Info: Played alot of FTB and mods so very experienced any questions you have: are chunkloaders allowed? and is there a digger age for quarries?
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    IGN: B1G_D_ AGE: 17 COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:UK EXPECTED PLAY TIMES: at least an hour a day until i get bored MOD EXPIERIENCE: played ftb for a year and tekkit waay before that. (quite experienced) EVER BEEN BANNED AND WHY: nope WHY SHOULD YOU BE WHITELISTED: i hope to bring knowledge and help to...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    IGN.... B1G_D_ AGE..... 17 WHERE YOUR FROM...... Manchester, England HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED... Not Once WHY SHOULD WE WHITE LIST YOU.... I will bring alot to the server in terms of advice for other players and Good buildings :)
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    Whitelist Server Directorate - Small Server | Monster 1.1.1 | Whitelisted | ATG generation! | BM & Graves

    Hey i like playing with other people in a small community , my IGN is : B1G_D_ , hope to see you ingame soon
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    Whitelist Server Why Not? [DW20 1.0.14][Whitelist][Minecraft 1.6.4] [10 Slots] [Mumble Team Chat]

    did you add me right? it says not white listed. IGN: B1G_D_
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    Whitelist Server Why Not? [DW20 1.0.14][Whitelist][Minecraft 1.6.4] [10 Slots] [Mumble Team Chat]

    IGN: B1G_D_ Age: 17 Mods: All of them i like to try as many as possible. ive played FTB since it hit youtube, and tekkit when that was the rage. i like a small close knit community to share and help each other. Tomorrows lunch: cucumber.. yes just cucumber....
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    Whitelist Server Malignance - DW20 1.0.14 [Hard difficulty] [whitelisted] [Mature]

    IGN : B1G_D_ Age :17 About Yourself:Although you said 18+ i have applied for a different server and got in thats 18+ because im a mature player always looking to help someone out. Minecraft Expertise: I have played modded minecraft for over a year and vanilla for about 6 months previous to that...
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    Whitelist Server CodeRed | DW20 | White Listed | mature | New Start!| 18 slots

    In game Name: B1G_D_ Age: 17 How often do you play Minecraft: at least three times a week What kind of Minecraft player would you say you are: im a technical player ( try to utilize all the mods) but try to make things look pretty at the same time. What kind of experience do you have with FTB? i...
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    Whitelist Server Private Empires|1.6.4|Whitelist| Small friendly server

    why is the server down so much atm? B1G_D_