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    Request Mark unmaintained modpacks

    Hey there, just my 2 cents. I came acrosss the issue that it is sometimes unclear whether a modpack is still being actively maintained or already abandoned. Example: Someone wants to host a ftb server and comes across the packs section. Some question may be: is this modpack which was updated...
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Problem with heavy Chunkloading

    Hello, I have a huge problem, as my current Monster Server doesn't unload Chunks. I flew about 3000 blocks away, and left a trail of approx. 6000 loaded chunks behind me. The area was untouched, so definatly no chunkloaders there. How can I solve this issue and why does it keep theses chunks...
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Loaded Chunks & Rotarycraft Lags ?

    How risky is it to update lets say RC and a bunch of other mods ? Are there major changes required ? ( Eg. ... Well can't give examples :/ ) Don't misunderstand me, I love updates. But as I stated above, I don't want to mess up the modpack. (Currently running Monster 1.1.2)
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Loaded Chunks & Rotarycraft Lags ?

    Excuse me, my what ? Ignore this question. I don't update single mods by hand because I'm afraid of the further compatibility of the whole modpack. How did you get these nice tps stats showed in the screenshot ?
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Loaded Chunks & Rotarycraft Lags ?

    Thx Reika, I absolutely appreciate your participation in this Thread ;) Does anyone have an eplanation for all these (randomly ?) loaded chunks ?
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Loaded Chunks & Rotarycraft Lags ?

    Can you give the source for this ?
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    Problem [Monster 1.1.2] Loaded Chunks & Rotarycraft Lags ?

    Hey everyone, mainly I have 2 problems on my server right now. The first thing is, when I looked into the loaded chunks, I noticed that there is nice amount of single chunks, which seem to be randomly loaded by the server. Screenshot: There where 2 players online at the moment of the...
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    Problem Monster Server 1.1.2 with Cauldron

    Hey everyone, I decided to open up another Thread (already had one here), with a little more Details on my Problem. First of all, I'm on Debian Server, so no GUI ;) I want to start FTB Monster 1.1.2 with Cauldron, so I downloaded the Monster Modpack, and the Cauldron Server jar...
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    Authme Reloaded for FTB Monster

    Ok, do you want me to post my Errors in this Thread ? Edit: Nvmd, i will just post it here. No Log File is being generated, and if I just do a ./ it gives me this:
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    Authme Reloaded for FTB Monster

    Hey, I'm just wondering if there is any port of the Bukkit Authme Plugin for Minecraft Forge, especially for FTB Monster. This Plugin is really needed on my Server, but I don't want to install MCPC+/Cauldron or any other mod on my Server. The main problem is, that I don't want that others...
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    Problem Updating 1.1.4 Server to 1.1.6 [Exception preparing structure feature]

    When I try to update my server from FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 to Unleashed 1.1.6, it keeps crashing, with an "Exception preparing structure feature". Crash report: Forge-modloader.log (snippet): it repeats until...