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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    You just walk through the painting. No need to right click.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Rotation of the piston is dependent on what side you are clicking on iirc. Try clicking more towards the bottom of the piston to rotate it around the other way?
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    Can you still enjoy vanilla?

    So, I've been playing MC since 1.7 and used to enjoy the vanilla experience. But now, after playing modded (since 1.7 as well) I just can't get into vanilla anymore. Even with all the updates, I feel like the vanilla experience is terribly boring, and poorly implemented compared to modded...
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    FTB Xbox Series X/S

    Oh mods will eventually come to console, once they can figure out how to monetize them. Hell, when Microsoft purchased MC, they were touting how they could use it to 'teach the next generation of coders because the game is so easy to mod'... When they realized the couldn't make money off of it...
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    Does the FTB General Pack include Galacticraft and Backpacks?

    Galacticraft has not updated (and hasn't been updated for a couple of MC versions), this is not an FTB thing, but a Galacticraft mod maker thing. Try looking up the Galacticraft wikki, or github and request an update. As for backpacks, there are current backpack mods. Feel free to add them in.
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    Tetra Writen Guide

    Hey folks, As much as I love Vallen Frostweaver (aka MischeifofMice) I find his 'bit by bit' videos to sometimes be hard to follow and a bit long winded. Is there any guides for Tetra in text form I can search for specific things? Like upgrading materials that will get me to specific tiers for...
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    How to i reconnect to FTB Chat after i paid for it

    I'm going to guess you are talking about Minetogether. This site has no affiliation with Minetogether so you won't get far here. Check your status to make sure you are in good standing (ie: you didn't get banned for swearing or generally treating chat like a COD lobby) and follow their...
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    Searching for Thaumcraft Golems like mod

    What modpack version are you looking to play with? You have different options based on what modpack and what version of MC you are looking to play with.
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    Computer fast enough to run FTB?

    With your 'old' set up, your main bottleneck is your available ram. 1.12 and 1.16 mod packs require 6-8 gigs of RAM, and with you having 8, you don't really leave much for your system processes. Even if you just upgrade your RAM you should see some improvement.
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    Best Pickaxe Enchantments

    The Mod Discussion section is not really the place for general questions like this. Try google. Best pick enchants... good luck
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    draconium evolution energy pylon output problem (infinity evolved)

    stupid question here... did you set it to output?
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    Bug [DUPE] Refined storage Speed upgrade dupe bug.

    You may want to post this on the Refined Storage github issue tracker page: Many mod developers do not use this forum, as it is mostly just for FTB related stuff.
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    Problem MineTogether doesn't work

    did you say a naughty word the last time you were on? May have had the ban hammer drop... you get no warning and no indication apart from no more chat.
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    Request FTB Revelation

    Please note, This forum is not the place to ask for updates to mods/packs unless they are FTB released.. Even then, as stated just before you asked, Modpacks making a transition between Minecraft versions are not in the plans for FTB... so to flat out answer your question.. No.
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    FTB Infinity Evolved Insane Lag (0-12 FPS)

    welcome to JAVA..... You could try to bump up to 8gigs of ram, but you would get massive lag spikes when JAVA does 'garbage collection' This is the curse of modded... welcome to the damned.