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    Whitelist Server InfinityCraft|FTB Infinity 1.2.0|Whitelist|24/7 DEDI|14GB.

    IGN (minecraft username): CoughDrop Skype (pref): Don't use skype. I prefer steam/mumble or TS. Can give handles at request. Age:22 Where do you live? (Country):US Timezone: EST How long have you been playing mods?:Since early IC and BC; also been an avid player since MC beta Why do you want to...
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    GDD|Craft [Direwolf] [Whitelist] [No Lag] [24/7] [12+]

    Username:CoughDrop Age:20 Years playing Minecraft? Been playing since the Beta. Have you been banned? No, I have not. Will you like to grief? Never have before, don't see a reason to start now. Other information: I know most of the mods rather well. EDIT: Application for a good friend as...
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    DomainCraft Direwolf20 Modpack Server! | 1.4.6 (Dw20Pack) | Whitelist |

    Minecraft Username: CoughDrop Age: 20 Do you know anything about the mods in the DW20 pack? (We don't care, its just nice to know :D) Been keeping an eye on a lot of Direwolf20's videos, as well as playing with quite a few of the mods, myself -- I'd say I know them fairly well. Are you a mature...