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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there an easy way to tell if I'm using the correct graphics card? I think I have nvidia set to default, for modded minecraft, but I want to check. I cannot disable my integrated graphics because 1 program I use does not work with my graphics card. Edit: Oh looks like it is shown when f3 is...
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    2 best items in ftb! [help]

    Cobalt? Doesn't infinity evolved use a version of TiCo before they balanced enderium? An enderium hammer is what is fast.
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    What is your favorite mod and why.

    ICBM is always fun.
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    Make America (*combat) great again!

    I feel like the1.9 updates could make Advent of Ascesion even more fun if it updated.
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    What To Do in Infinity

    Build a creative tank in expert mode....... Okay. Maybe not right at the start.
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    So, hello 1.10

    I'm sure Mojang will push another MC version before too many mods can update from 1.7 to 1.9.
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    What will be the next ultimate FTB sandbox?

    Also, how is mekanism now? I really liked it, but I haven't played it since it was pretty glitchy and solar panels were the most overpowered things ever. EDIT: Why didn't it merge my double post for me?
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    What will be the next ultimate FTB sandbox?

    IC2 would be a lot more fun IMO if I didn't have to turn ingots into plates into casings to craft everything. It is not like that adds any kind of a challenge, just an annoyance, and it also takes up a lot more inventory space if I miscalculate how many ingots I need to turn in to plates. Also...
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    Is Using A Centralized Power Grid A Good Idea

    Fun > efficiency.
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    Good IC2 Nuclear Reactor Setups

    These threads have information regarding IC2 reactors. I believe there is some information...
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    Request How to make players scream? (And cry)

    Or you could name it "Booker The Geek's Silly Little Fun Pack of Happiness."
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    IE:E Forgetting to enable BoP

    I recently started playing Infinity Evolved: expert mode. I forgot to enable the BoP world gen, so I was wondering if there was any way that the lack of BoP biomes would screw up my progress somehow, making something impossible to get. Should I stay in the same world or create a new one and...
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    Request How to make players scream? (And cry)

    Yeah.... Bad idea.....
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    Endermen causing blindness

    Is special mobs in the pack?