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  • Hey Drastic, just want to let you know that Total Meltdown is awesome! Thanks so much for creating this absolutely fantastic pack there!!! I just signed up to FTP Forums, so I can't give the link to the YouTube series I just started (well, I'll try down below though LOL). It's a shame that not much people know of TM at this point, really! Hope it helps a bit to make it known.
    hello drasticdemise the last update you did for hubris has crashed some of the other versions me and my wife have to use 1.2.2 we do a lan server for us to use and we tried to do the recent update but the game just crashes cant do anything and now since that update the 1.2.2 crashes all the time what is the deal with that please respond
    Hey Drastic, i was wanting to know if theres any way to use a different forge version for the pack, im running a slightly older intel chip and whenever i load the pack im getting framebuffer errors, so, any thoughts? please let me know, thanks
    Frame buffer errors don't cause performance issues do they? Isn't that only when the game is minimized?
    Hey you recently approved of my mod pack when will the splash and icon be added.
    Hey there WaffleMonkey, you recently posted a fair amount on SoraZodia's profile, and as I said there (I think) you don't need to talk about your pack on a Third Party Pack Team member's profile. Please keep it in the thread where you upload updates to your pack, as it means anyone working on it can answer your question, not just one member.
    How can I disable the generation of taint over the entire world in Hubris? I've disabled taint generation in biometweaker and thaumcraft config files. But, when I generate a new world, the taint generates still. Thank you for your help?
    Unsure if this is a recurring bug or what. But Crafting the Golomancies Bell causes he client to crash. The incedent was repeated by my friend who also plays on server.
    No crash logs, just closes Launcher, Server stayed fine. - Hubris pack
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