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Voids wrath server

Discussion in 'Casual Servers' started by nighthawk2965, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. nighthawk2965

    nighthawk2965 New Member

    This is link to voidswrath download http://voidswrath.com/wp/category/downloads/ it will send you to download page download it then launch sign in etc pick build RC1.0.0 then I'm hosting a server on it. it also has divine rpg and a lot of other mods. The server ip is isn't 24/7 sadly it is normaly up. i have permissions installed aswelll. I'm hopeing to see people also if you haveSkype add me optional quintone.poole2. then i usually am on to rank you up aswell. Also player cap is at probly 14 for right now if youre all online at same time

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