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    Hey everyone, so like me, I am sure that most people are completely lost in all the new mods. So I have put together a list of tutorials for everything that is new in Horizons.

    Please keep in mind, that I have removed mods that were in previous packs (with the exclusion of Thaumcraft 4 as it has so much new content it needs a new tutorial)

    P.S. Currently adding in summaries of each of the mods into the spoilers, they should be fully done within the next few hours

    Advanced Genetics - ObsiLP
    Summary: This mod lets you take the DNA from mobs and creatures and inherit their abilities, this includes teleporting like enderman, flying like a bat, shooting fireballs like a blaze and blowing yourself up like a creeper
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Agriculture - Freya and Metallurgy Team
    Summary: Agriculture is an expansion of the cooking, farming and hunger systems of Minecraft. It enhances the act of keeping fed by adding by adding 6+ new machines, 120+ new recipes, and a brand new hunger addition called the "Well Fed System".
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Food Recipe List
    Aquaculture - Shadowclaimer and the Metallurgy Team
    Summary: Aquaculture is an expansion on the fishing system in minecraft. Crafting an Iron Fishing Rod will allow you to catch all the 32 new fish species. All of the species are biome-dependent and there are chances to get random loot items as well like treasure chests.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Arcane Scrolls - Duke605
    Summary: Adds in 4 types of scrolls: utility, offensive, defensive and special. Also adds the ability to write scrolls and has tele-anchors which are a quick way to teleport between different points.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Archimedes Ships - Balkondeur
    Summary: This mod lets you build your own boats/airships and it will automatically transform it into a sailable/flyable vehicle.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Ars Magica 2 - Mithion
    Summary: A look into what Minecraft could become when you add a splash of magic...Ars Magica is a mod about casting powerful spells, fighting bosses, and having fun with magic! It features a unique spell creation system where you can create any spell you can imagine!
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (2 Parts, view other part in video)
    Artifice - Shukaro
    Summary: Artifice is a mod that adds many new decorative blocks, flowers, smashable blocks, sickles, coins and craftable enchantments
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Alternate Terrain Generations - TTFTCUTS
    Summary: ATG is a mod that is meant to add a more flowing and natural lanscape into the terrain generation system. There is also height, temperature and moisture maps which alter the map, for example higher areas are colder and hotter areas are dryer.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Backpack - Eydamos
    Summary: Does what it says on the packet. It adds backpacks. Variations include regular, big, coloured (regular and big backpacks are colourable), workbench and ender backpacks
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Better Chests - Aroma1997
    Summary: This mod is about a Chest, that you can upgrade to how you want it to be. You can make a Cobblestone Generator out of it, you can make the Chest suck in nearby Items, or you can use the chest as a big furnace. There are many more upgrades, but you should discover them yourself.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Better Storage - Copygirl
    Summary: It adds more storage options, like Storage Crates, Backpacks, Reinforced Chests, Lockers, Armor Stands, Locks, Keys and much more...
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Blood Magic - Way of TIme
    Summary: This mod focusses around sacrificing blood into an altar to get certain benefits. These benefits include Sigils (kind of like scrolls), rituals (that give player buffs), new armour, spells, custom potion making and much more!
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (2 parts, view other parts in video)
    Dynamic Liquid Tanks - WingsofLife
    Summary: This mod adds the ability to create tanks of any size or shape (not conformed to cubes). It also allows the ability to camouflage tanks as other blocks, for example you can use leaves on a tree as a tank.
    Minecraft Forum (This is for Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2, the original thread was taken down but some mechanics are the same)
    Video Spotlight
    Ender IO - CrazyPants
    Summary: EnderIO is a mod which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access, transceivers and more.
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight
    Engineers Toolbox - Emasher
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (3 Parts, view other parts in video)
    Enhanced Portals - Alz454 Extra Tinkers Construct - Glassmaker
    Minecraft Forum
    (Unable to find a Video Spotlight)
    Farlanders - Fabiulu Ganys End, Nether and Surface - ganymedes01, KingPurpleRaptor Gascraft - Emasher
    Hopper Ducts Mod - FyberOptic JABBA - ProfMobius Magical Crops - Mark179 Metallurgy - Team Metallurgy Opis - ProfMobius Pam's Harvestcraft - MatrexVigil Project:Red - ChickenBones Random Things - lumien ReactorCraft - Reika
    Minecraft Forum
    (Unable to find a video spotlight)
    RemoteIO - dmillerw Revamp - Rivvest Roguelike Dungeon Mod - Greymerk RotaryCraft - Reika
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (4 Parts, view other parts in video)
    StatusEffectHUD/ArmorStatusHUD - bspkrs
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (includes direction hud spotlight which is not in horizons)
    Switches - Myrathi
    FTB Forum
    Video Spotlight (Skip to 2:29 in the video)
    Thaumcraft 4 - Azanor
    Minecraft Forum
    Video Spotlight (3 Parts, view other parts in video)
    Torch Levers - HitchH1k3r Translocators - Chickenbones Utility Mobs - Father Toast Witchery - Emoniph XACT:Advanced Crafting Tables - Xhamolk_
    If you know of a more up to date spotlight, or are aware of any other helpful tutorial links, please post them here.
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    Holy shit, that length :O

    So voluptuous
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  3. VikeStep

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    Thats what she said

    I'm gonna put it in spoilers now xD
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  4. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    Just to note that Engineers Toolbox video is horribly outdated. I am going to work on a new one since I used it alot during testing.
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  5. VikeStep

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    yeah, i noticed. There were only two videos and that one was the most complete as the other one decided to leave out most of the features.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it and I will definitely add it here once it is done
  6. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    The mod is so complicated it will take a while to do it properly
  7. Yusunoha

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    wow, awesome work you've done there.
    makes me thinking, would be nice if every modpack is released and nice and stable if FTB could hire someone to spotlight all the mods featured in the FTB packs and add them for the wiki :)
  8. VikeStep

    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy Mod Developer FTB Changelog Team

    Direwolf20 covers most of the FTB Mods, BevoLJ covers a few more, but apart from that, these are the only mods which are in real need of a proper spotlight. And technically, most of these mods are only going to be in this pack anyways, and this pack is mainly for people to get a taste-test of mods they have never heard of.
  9. Omicron

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    Great thread! Subscription activate!
  10. Bevo

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  11. WayofTime

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    I definitely recommend this spotlight, since it contains the most accurate and up-to-date information thus far. It is only part 1 of three, so I a personally going to wait for all the parts to be up before I place it on my forum thread, but if you want a good getting started point, this would be it.
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  12. Surgonan

    Surgonan Member

    I'm doing a Let's Play series on this pack. First episode will be out later today.

    I do DW20 style videos and decided to try the Horizons pack since it has a lot of new mods.
    I figure Direwolf20 has the best videos out there on his pack anyway.

    With that, I will also be doing mod spotlights on all the mods in the pack as well.
    I put a lot of time into the thought and presentation of my builds and videos, and welcome any critique.
  13. VikeStep

    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy Mod Developer FTB Changelog Team

    I'm sorry, but I will not be posting whole LP's here, I will only be posting tutorials for the mods
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  14. ThatOneSlowking

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    Hey, why not add a link to the FTB forum page for Engi toolbox?
    But seriously though thank you for composing this :)
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  15. tedyhere

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    Here you go Vike Part one an introduction is complete.
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  16. VikeStep

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    changed, i didnt realise there were two forum pages[DOUBLEPOST=1386883242][/DOUBLEPOST]
    When the last part is out I will add it in, I just need to make sure that we aren't leaving out features
  17. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    awesome this is.... I gave up caring about this pack when I found a total of like 20 words between 4 mod wikis.
  18. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    Lol it's going to take a while to get it all in. You realize this mod adds a ton of things? I mean like 30+ modules that can be combined on sockets to do pretty much anything :p
  19. Surgonan

    Surgonan Member

    Oh, i totally understand. I was thinking more of the spotlights :D

    I already have one done for Agriculture.

  20. PhilHibbs

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    The video for Pam's Harvestcraft is rubbish. The guy clearly doesn't know what he's doing, and a third of the video is just compensating for not having prepared properly for the demo.

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