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Discussion in 'Open Servers' started by mnbvc655, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

    We now have a DivineRPG server!
    Its completely open, and there is built in grief protection and rollbacks!

    IP: pvp.craftbeastmc.tk

    You need the divine rpg pack

    Grief Prevention
    Sworn RPG
    Essentials (/home and /sethome)

    When you spawn, you will spawn close to spawn, but every time you die you will get a new spawn! DO NOT forget to set homes!
  2. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

    Recording IS allowed
  3. XPownageXer

    XPownageXer New Member

    Copier you so copied my server idea...
  4. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

    What, I do not even know your server idea! I swear..!
    I was just thinking.. "divinerpg.. swornrpg"
  5. XPownageXer

    XPownageXer New Member

  6. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

  7. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

    Server will recieve a map reset soon
  8. Fanaart

    Fanaart New Member

    The server is offline
  9. mnbvc655

    mnbvc655 Member

    Will be brought back up in a few days

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