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invalid password or username! cant launch

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Eddoi, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Eddoi

    Eddoi New Member

    Heyo guys! i wanted to play FTB because it seems fun. but when i create an account and press launch it says invalid username or password. and cant launch! u tried to change but it wont work
  2. Meldiron

    Meldiron Active Member

    Do you have a valid minecraft.net account that's paid for?
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  3. sciguyryan

    sciguyryan Well-Known Member

    This is in the wrong forum. In the future please post support request in the Tech Support forum.
  4. Eddoi

    Eddoi New Member

    srry scguyryan! heey. u play on geomine! with Weeze. i know weeze! Meldiron yes i got 1 ![DOUBLEPOST=1353078414][/DOUBLEPOST]Thank u meldiron
  5. sciguyryan

    sciguyryan Well-Known Member

    Hey, yep. That's me.

    You will need to check and verify your username and password is correct. If you have a valid premium account and it is not working then you are entering the information incorrectly :)
  6. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Global Moderator and Modpack Creator Team Member Global Moderator FTB Pack Developer FTB Modpack Team

    Locking this and moving it to tech support. The answers above are correct. Either 1. You have a cracked version of minecraft that you did not pay for (and we will not support) or 2. you are entering you login info wrong.
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