How can i instal the modpack on a server

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Speedydigger3108, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Speedydigger3108

    Speedydigger3108 New Member

    Hi guys
    I have a question for you:
    How can i instal the modpack on a server??
    I know how to host a server with the modpack , but the point is :
    I host this server at
    Do you know How to instal the modpack on my server?
    Thank you
  2. Oratory

    Oratory Member

    The best idea would probably be to contact the server host.
    But from the little reading i did on the site, it looks like they only "support" bukkit servers.
    But if you got FTP access to the server, you should be able to get a FTB server on there anyway.
  3. Speedydigger3108

    Speedydigger3108 New Member

    I do have FTP access.
    Do i have to drop the files in the plugin folder or something?
  4. MomoNasty

    MomoNasty Member

    Hey there i also run ftb on a host. The way i set my server up was by installing the server on my local comouter then creating a zip of all the server files that just were created (to be clear theywere created as a result of running the server not the zip you download from ftb)and place it in the Minecraft folder of my server. Make sure to clear your old files before unzipping the ftb files. The rename ftb a server jsr do minecraft_server.jar. Restart your server and the gtb should be running.
    I will try to post a guid on how to install ftb on hosted servers.
  5. Speedydigger3108

    Speedydigger3108 New Member

    Thanks , i will try it out tomorow
  6. Speedydigger3108

    Speedydigger3108 New Member

    Thanks , it worked.
    But the only thing is that McMyAdmin says that the server is preparing to start, but it is online.
  7. MomoNasty

    MomoNasty Member

    Yah mcmyadmin wont work with feed the beast since it not bukkit well i think thats the reason. But it will show console log and all that stuff just not update server stats like memory and players. So you will have to be looking at your console alot until MCMA becomes compatible
  8. brandon_787

    brandon_787 New Member

    I am currently trying to do this as well. I cannot for some reason. I keeps telling me that there is a fraud that is preventing the server from running.
  9. Nessiroj

    Nessiroj Active Member

    This is not true, MCMA withg FTB works just fine. You only need to rename 1 file to make it work (if you read the forums of MCMA you whould have seen that). I'm using MCMA on my server and the stats update without a problem (both mem and players connected).

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