Detailed Changelog for Lite 1.1, Tech 1.1, Direwolf20 5.1, MindCrack 8.1 and Magic World 7.1

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    Buildcraft by Sengir: 3.4.2 – 3.4.3 (All Packs)
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    • Glass facades
    • Autarchic gates now always pulse at a single, fast rate
    • Vines now marked as soft blocks
    • Prevented crash if world gen is disabled
    • Fixed NPE when liquid in tank has ceased to exist
    • Fixed /buildcraft not working in SSP
    • Fixed tank filling
    • Pipe items now registered with FML
    • Version check now threaded
    • Several updates to locations.

    Chargepads by Myrathi: – (Tech and Direwolf20)
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    • six new modules
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.4.7
    • Updated for IC2 1.115
    • GUI redesign
    • Configuration files no longer re-save if unmodified.
    • Code cleanup
    • Use IC2 EnergyNet events.

    CoFHCore by TeamCoFH: Added (All Except Tech)
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    Added into pack as an API for Thermal Expansion and OmniTools

    ComputerCraft by Dan200: 1.481 – 1.5 (All Except Magic World)
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    • A romantic surprise.
    • turtle.refuel(0) returns true if a fuel item is selected.
    • turtle.craft(0) returns true if the inventory is a valid recipe.
    • Redesigned Wireless Modems; they can now send and receive on multiple channels, independent of the computer ID. To use these features, interface with modem peripherals directly. The rednet API still functions as before.
    • Floppy Disks can now be dyed with multiple dyes, just like armour.
    • The “excavate” program now retains fuel in it’s inventory, so can run unattended.
    • now tries all possible block orientations before failing.
    • The in-game help system now has documentation for all the peripherals and their methods, including the new modem functionality.

    ExtrabiomesXL by MisterFiber: 3.8.0 – 3.9.0 (All Except Lite)
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    • Added fix for the Buildcraft oil generation error
    • Forestry sapling fix
    • Itailian translation update

    Forestry by Sengir: – (All Packs)
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    • Farm Control. Will disable farm sides according to sides with redstone signal. A redstone signal from top or bottom will shut down the whole farm.
    • Craftguide now displays recipes for farm blocks, still, fermenter, bottler. Better use of CraftGuide API. (RichardG)
    • Bare-bones '/mail trades' command.
    • Managed and manual mushroom farm. (Apatine Electron Tube)
    • Some basic craftguide integration for carpenter, thermionic fabricator, squeezer and centrifuge.
    • FarmCraftory support for crops and vegetables. Corn is handled in the wheat farm, everything else in the vegetable farm.
    • Another Forestry update? Don't be sad, have a cocoa plantation!
    • Disabling the crafting recipes for the old farms will now unlock uncrafting recipes to turn planters and harvesters into 30 new farmblocks. Craft one harvester or planter with a single brick-like block. They block chosen will determine the type of the resulting farmblocks.
    • Facades for BC pipes in all types of logs and planks now available.
    • Support for IC2 rubber trees in the arboretum as well. (Requires an IC2 update.)
    • Config option to switch farms to using a square layout instead of a diamond shaped one. Server side config controls it.
    • Limited iteration of arboretum and mushroom farms to +/- 5 from the tree trunk horizontally.
    • Crafting of old farms is now disabled by default on new installations.
    • Farms should now handle their storage more intelligently.
    • Forestry now auto-ops its fake player. Can be disabled in config. Login of fake player can also be changed in config.
    • When opening a backpack gui, inventory slots with backpacks in them cannot be manipulated anymore in any way. Behaviour of letters has been changed to match.
    • Tweaked apatite world gen slightly.
    • Removed the requirement of humus from the multifarm arboretum. Plain dirt is now required. The arboretum will mix it with fertilizer and will plant it out as humus.
    • Alvearies and apiaries now accept the full stack of drones when piping into them.
    • Orchards now require 10 fertilizer per operation instead of 5. Arboretums 30 instead of 40.
    • Harvest phase does not consume fertilizer anymore, however actually collecting the crop will, leading to a uniform per crop cost instead of giving an advantage to tree-like crops.
    • Fixed an issue which caused arboretums to sometimes "forget" patches.
    • Removed debug log message.
    • Capped modification by drought in farms at 2500 %.
    • Energy modifier in game modes should now affect farm gearboxes.
    • Fixed wrong mushrooms being planted in mushroom farms.
    • Fixed potential rare client crashes on Beealyzer, Habitat locator and Treealyzer.
    • Fermenter will respect NBT data now.
    • Fixed slight issues with sand replacement in MF arboretums.
    • Fixed apiaries not displaying exact temperature and humidity.
    • Wenge and baobab should now be breedable.
    • Fixed potential NPE on alvearies in SMP.
    • Fixed duplication bug in farms when collecting windfall.
    • Fixed support stems on kapok and meranti stems replacing other blocks.
    • Liquid pipes should now connect to a farm valve even if the farm validates after the pipe was placed.
    • Fixed steadfast drones generating in stacks of ten.
    • ExtraBiomesXL saplings now work in the fermenter.
    • Fixed an issue which would cause an invalid farm block to drop when breaking a farmblock on the metal band level.
    • Hatches do not eject into sandstone pipes anymore.
    • Removed orphaned debug output.
    • Made fruits with random drops instead of ripening useable in orchards.
    • Fixed dirt not being accepted when piped into a farm set to arboretum.
    • Fixed soldering iron eating tubes if a circuit board was inserted first.
    • Fixed sapling placement sounds again.
    • Fixed sipiri tree not actually being breedable.
    • Fixed piping bees into alvearies.
    • Moving an apiary via frames or gravigun should now also reset the biome.
    • Fixed peat-fired engines not ejecting waste into pipes.
    • Fixed stairs not removing associated tile entity when broken.
    • Fixed stair placement consuming two stairs instead of one.
    • Removed: Automatic display of changelog with version notice. You need to type '/forestry version' if you want to see the changelog now
    • Localization: Updates to it_IT and zh_CN
    • Localization: Several updates to ES-variants, CN and others.
    • API: Changed IFarmListener around a bit for better functionality. Made StructureFarmLogic retrievable.
    • API: Mods can now send an IMC with the key "add-farmable-sapling" and format "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" to Forestry to add a generic sapling. Will accept damage -1 as wildcard.
    • API: Same as above for "add-farmable-crop" and format "[email protected]".

    Forge by LexManos: – (All Packs)
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    Unknown Changes, please PM if you have info

    Gravity Gun by iChun: 1.4.6v1 – 1.4.7v1 (Tech and Direwolf20)
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    • New model for fancy video settings
    • Made block grabbing respect block hardness, negative means no grabby.
    • Fixed crashing with Block entities.
    • Fixed Out Of Bounds crashing with Block entities.
    • Fixed Null Pointer Exception crashing with Block entities.
    • Fixed Mystcraft Portal duplication glitch.
    • Fixed “small” memory leak.
    • Attempted fix at Block entities getting being placed in the floor.
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    GregTech by GregoriousT: 2.77f – 2.78f (Tech and MindCrack)
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    • Nugget Crafting Mode
    • Added a few Recipes
    • Added Clay to the results of Redrock Centrifuging
    • the Advanced Safe. The only things which should be able to break that, are the Wrench (if used by owner) and TNT. Admins CANNOT open those Safes, like the IC²-Safes. If they want to get the Stuff out of other peoples Safes, then they must use TNT to break them. You can use Automation to input Items.
    • Added chemical Recipe for Sulfric Acid
    • Added a few reverse Recipes for a lot of things. (even redstone Torches, with the TE-Sawmill)
    • Added config to disable the craft of Enchantment Tables (Books from Dungeons, Villagers and Anvils are then the only way to enchant Stuff).
    • Scrapboxes now have a 60% chance of dropping scrap
    • Added the Coal-Ore Byproduct Thorium Dust (So you need to silktouch Coal Ore now)
    • Added a Filter Slot to the Safe, so automation cant input other Items than the Filter itself. You need to rightclick the Filter to actually change it (because otherwise it gets NEI-Shiftstacking Problems). This renders Single-Item-Filters useless (as this Safes Filter acts like a Barrel-Filter).
    • You can use any GregTech Version with the same major Version Number (so 2.78X) to join a Server. However it's recommended to not use older Versions than the Server has, especially if I added new Blocks.
    • Added the GUI-Texture of the planned "Inventory Manager"
    • Added Configsection for Machines (all those Dangerous explosion Stuff) into the Main Config. I also moved the constant Energy requirement into that Section.
    • Made it possible for the Autocrafting table to accept input from the Container-Item-Output-Slots.
    • Made other Mods small Dusts and nuggets compatible to the Autocrafting Tables corresponding Modes. (before it was checking for a certain Item)
    • Changed most Machine releated advanced Configs to use Production-Duration instead of true/false, X <= 0 is disabled.
    • Made Quantum Tank unbreakable, so one cant accidently break it without a Wrench (or TNT).
    • Fixed Creosote Cell being redundant. You can simply craft old Cells into the correct RC ones.
    • Removed the 8 Sulfur + (Char)Coal = 5 Gunpowder Recipe, from whichever UE-Mod adds that. Do not complain, it's terribly simple to aquire enough Saltpeter for the regular Recipe!
    • Nerfed induction smelting of Pyrite Ore, and also retextured Pyrite Ore, to look a bit more like Nether Gold Ore.
    • Blazes no longer give you Coal Dust (Dark Ashes instead)
    • Coal Dust no longer centrifugable into Thorium
    • Scrapboxinator now just lets non-Scrapboxes go through
    • Changed the Quantum Chest Texture, to look more like the old Personal Safe (before the awesome Safe Model)
    • Improved Debug-Scanner a little bit (now shows Explosion Resistance and Hardness
    • You can now empty my Liquid based Generators with Containers (like Cells or Buckets). If you just wanna place your Diesel Generators somewhere else and don't have the Time to let them run out of Energy.
    • Made Autocraftingtable a bit more intelligent when converting OreDict-Stuff and piling Dusts.
    • My Recipe Adders now use the Overwrite-Parameter of Thermal Expansions API, what means that you now have to update TE for my Recipes.
    • My Adv-Config has been improved in general, and is now pretty much Exception proof.
    • Disabled Thermal-Expansion-Recipe Overload per default. You need to turn it back on under the Features Tab, if you have an older Version of TE and want OreDict-Unification for its Machines. This Config will get removed in MC 1.5 as it's only for older TE Versions.
    • Fixed minor Bugs
    • Fixed unintended Recipe overload in the TE-Sawmill, which lead to pulverizing Wooden Tools into pulp, instead of Planks.
    • Fixed Liquiducts not connecting to freshly placed MetaTileEntities
    • Fixed Apatite Ore in Grinder
    • Untested Fix for the GUI-Problem. Needs Serverside update, otherwise you get the same Problem.
    • Fixed a few Recipes.
    • Fixed Liquid Transposer not recognizing some of my Cells, as I register other Mods Liquid Containers in postload (and since I load after TE, the Liquid Transposer has no way to see my registration). I add the Recipes manually now, to make sure everything works.

    IC2NuclearControl by Shedar: 1.4.5 - 1.4.6 (All Except Magic World)
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    • compatibility with BC energy storages (you can use Energy Sensor Kit on BC energy storage)
    • compatibility with GregTech reactor cells (plutonium and thorium)
    • mB/t output instead of EU/t for steam reactors
    • updated block textures (tried to make machines more "steel")
    • fixed 'e' bug in text card
    • fixed thermal monitor redstone bug (update on settings changing with a turned off reactor)
    • additional checks to prevent from nullpointer crashing with invalid info panel cards

    IndustrialCraft by Alblaka: 1.112.170-lf - 1.115.218-lf (All Except Magic World)
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    • add metal blocks to the ore dictionary
    • add ICustomElectricItem which allows to delegate the implementation of charge, discharge and canUse to the implementing item
    • improve foam cables (block light when hardened, allow removing just the foam, proper activation bbox with soft foam)
    • set default ElectricTool damage to 1
    • dynamically decrease the packet grouping limit as required
    • Rubber saplings should respect IPlantable
    • delay updateEntity after onLoad
    • improve ITankContainer.getTank implementation
    • Use weak references for the AudioSource map
    • more audio ref adjustments
    • refactor world data into a separate class
    • make bc triggers use IElectricItem instead of accessing ElectricItem directly
    • api: add canShowChargeToolTip() to ICustomElectricItem
    • tweak explosion code to destroy existing EntityItems
    • don't take discharged el. armor into account for the visual armor indicator
    • set the has amplifier trigger also if there's an amplifier in the slot
    • increase geothermal output buffer to 32 eu
    • Use a native oredict lookup for painter refilling, now that vanilla dyes are on it
    • don't let batteries right-click charge other batteries
    • Accept any lava container (and apply nerf) in iron furnace
    • suppress storage block redstone updates if the condition is not met for at least 5 ticks continuously
    • adjust progress to match the previous value after recalculating overclockers
    • update nei deps
    • update rc api in bc submod deps
    • Luminator: separate lighter texture when illuminated
    • fix luminator selection collision
    • fix mass fabricator not initially synchronizing facing and active state
    • fix id assignment checking
    • check block/item ids in IC2 without relying on Block/Item checking it afterwards
    • blacklist currently configured ids while reassigning new ones
    • fix iron fence collision
    • fix the worldgen
    • fix slot transfers
    • refactor and fix clientside tick callbacks
    • fix bc capacitor trigger npe with empty slots
    • fix cme with single tick callbacks
    • fix AudioManagerClient
    • clean up world references after a world unloads
    • cleanup player references after logout
    • Fix windows setup script
    • fix reading version numbers
    • fix quantum body part not removing fire
    • fix ore gen height distribution being affected by ore density factor
    • fix inverse bc triggers defaulting to true with unexpected tile entities, bc expects false in that case
    • fix scrap trigger state
    • Fix british dye name fail
    • fix batteries only charging the 1st available el. item
    • fix energy trying to get redistributed to non-demanding targets
    • fix debug item not printing the server's values
    • fix update logic
    • fix reactor+-chamber ITankContainer implementation to handle missing steam liquid and type == null properly
    • fix failed lossless wrench action modifying the inventory
    • fix error display for the integrated server
    • fix dynamic block/item id allocation

    InventoryTweaks by Jimeowan: 1.4.9 – 1.50 (All Packs)
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    • Middle click evens the stacks on crafting tables
    • Switched sources to MCP (= faster to update, easier to contribute)
    • Removed uneffective NoCheatPlus hack, put a help screen instead
    • Fix chests being sometimes left open forever

    Iron Chests by cpw: – (All Packs)
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    • Obsidian chests. Upgrade diamond chests to obsidian chests. Totally explosion proof!
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    MiscPeripherals by RichardG: 2.3 – 3.1 (All Except Magic World)
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    • added turtle upgrades: Wand
    • added peripherals: Chat Box
    • added getItem() function to Interactive Sorter
    • added vis and flux level reporting to Thaum Scanner
    • added coremod component
    • added turtle upgrades: Hardware Accelerator, Shield, Ore Scanner, XP, Anvil, Barrel
    • added peripherals: Advanced Turtle Teleporter, Firework Launcher
    • added blocks: Advanced Charge Station, Lapotronic Charge Station, Ultimate Charge Station
    • added Steve's Carts Detector Manager functionality to the Rail Reader
    • added getError() function to some peripherals
    • Added API
    • Item UUIDs are now a combo of real IDs
    • Thaum Scanner now uses real node keys
    • Changed default fuel-EU rate
    • Internals of the mod have been overhauled. Blocks should stop facing other directions on relog
    • Improved Charge Station behavior
    • hanged Rail Reader recipe if Steve's Carts is installed
    • Fixed Thaumcraft compatibility
    • Fixed Electronic Signal Controllers losing data on reload
    • Fixed empty string errors on Anvil getRepairCost()
    • Fixed division issue preventing Charge Stations from receiving power
    • Fixed REther stuck on after changing frequency
    • Fixed XP get() crash with no tile entity in front
    • Fixed array index issues with teleporters
    • Fixed duplication issues in some parts
    • Fixed WRCBE crashes with REther turtles

    Modular PowerSuits by MachineMuse: 0.2.0-42 (Direwolf20 Only)
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    Watch Direwolf20's Spotlight of this mod so you can understand the new mechanics

    Mystcraft by XCompWiz0.9.5.00 – (Direwolf20 and Magic World)
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    • A dangling "sunset" value will not add instability and will be used as the default sunset colors
    • a creative menu tab for symbol pages
    • a slot for a paper stack in desk that pages will be pulled from when writing
    • ability for lectern to contain/display other items
    • active-tab system for multiple notebooks
    • admin permit/restrict permissions for entering/leaving ages by player
    • all pages to archivist merchant trades at price based on page rarity
    • Archivist Villager which sells Mystcraft related items
    • Archivist House
    • basic ink recipe (any black dye and a water bottle)
    • basic modifier system and uses this for the celestial objects
    • basic symbol remapping system
    • blank page to myst treasure gen
    • blank pages, paper, and books to archivist trade list
    • book binder block
    • book binder gui
    • booster generation to mystcraft treasure (generates some number of pages in a notebook using existing rarity sys)
    • colorable lightning
    • creative notebook item to creative gui
    • custom page item render
    • enchant books to archivist trades (as librarian)
    • extra optional param to toggle instability command to allow specifying what resultant setting should be
    • generation of structures to ages
    • ink and ink vial
    • inkwell to desk
    • modifiers for terrain gen
    • Mystcraft treasure as sub-treasure to Dungeon, Pyramid, Temple, and Stronghold Library treasures
    • Rainbow Render system (made by Briman0094)
    • Recipe for binder block III,###,# # (I= iron ingot, #=planks(any wood))
    • render flags for horizon and void area to the controller
    • replacement command for time (dimension aware)
    • scrollable notebook inventory system
    • scrollable notebook slots functionality to desk
    • small library generateable structure
    • storage of positional data for items to notebook inventory system
    • system for specifying the kind of sky backgrounds the world has (ex. stars)
    • system for specifying the number and kinds of suns/moons a world has
    • treasure generation pool
    • wood block as material
    • writing to books to desk
    • Ages created with Instability disabled globally will have instability disabled locally by default
    • Allows descriptive books to be used as immutable writing sources (as notebook in desk)
    • Allows naming of notebooks using desk naming system
    • Allows paper to be written to via desk
    • Allows writing to notebook contents from desk
    • Book damage (in entity form) is persistent (as item)
    • Books converted to descriptive books have three pages
    • Breaks ISkyBackground into IStarfield and ISkyDoodad (different layers)
    • Can cycle notebook slots by gui buttons
    • Can cycle notebook slots by keyboard
    • Can drop paper into binder to create blank pages
    • Celestial objects without specified modifiers randomly generate properties
    • Changes "symbol not loaded" message to only display once per missing symbol per session
    • Changes Caves to "stack" (produce unique cave systems for each symbol added)
    • Changes material modifier system to use push/pop stack and usage flags
    • Changes notebook recipe "# #"," # ", leather
    • Changes Notebook to contain pages, not symbols
    • Changes Tendrils to pop a material modifier
    • Clicking on the page slider in the binder with a notebook dumps all of the pages in the notebook into the binder (notebook order)
    • Dense Ores no longer gets its ore gen from the ore dictionary
    • Desk uses LiquidsAPI, and should support pumping of fluids into/outof it
    • DeskGui supports pages at locations
    • Empty notebook wil extract all pages from a binder
    • Fixes text overflow on notebook names on tabs
    • Fixes Wooden Tendrils stacking (produces unique systems for each symbol added)
    • Handles crafting of descriptive book through binder
    • Handles item pipe/tube input to desk (paper only)
    • Implements click-drag on pages in desk
    • Implements symbol to page writing in desk
    • Improves twi command to allow for specifying instability setting without specifying dim
    • Increases notebook slot count to 25
    • 'Ink' is required to write (any identically named fluid qualifies)
    • Introduces pages
    • Lectern allows valid items to be placed with right click (only removes one)
    • Limits what the notebook can store (to just pages)
    • Link panel works on book in desk
    • Makes Ice a valid sea block
    • Makes writing to book in desk write to first free page
    • Maps dye liquid as Liquid Black Dye in LiquidAPI
    • Moves Desk towards multi-notebook system using tabs
    • Normal Stars symbol added to all existing ages
    • Removes controller interfaces for sun/moon counts
    • Removes deprecated descriptive book recipe
    • Removes exisiting black decay config
    • Removes linkmodifier recipe
    • Removes Normal/Fast/Slow/Eternal Time symbols
    • Removes old creative notebook method
    • Replaces the toggledownfall command with a dimension aware version
    • Resends AgeData to players in dim when weather changes on server
    • Re-sort of books spaces books so they are visible
    • Re-sort of pages sorts by symbol display name
    • Rewrites symbol rendering to use words
    • Sends maps on lecterns to clients
    • Sleeping in ages will advance time until the next sun rise (of whichever sun next rises)
    • Suns/Moons will read the current "sunset" value and use it as their sunset gradient
    • Symbols added to age do not create/write to pages
    • Symbols are added to Notebook in sorted order
    • The gradient modifier uses the length modifier value when setting a color (color 'lifetime')
    • TileEntityDesk supports positioned pages
    • Title set in the book binder is given to age on craft
    • Toward modifier usage for terrain gen
    • TPX command bypasses permission system
    • Vials and Ink work with LiquidAPI
    • Void symbol turns off horizon and void rendering
    • Writing in books no longer creates pages
    • Writing to notebook will use the pull slot if necessary
    • New Symbols:
      • Adds "Clear Modifiers" symbol
      • Adds "Normal Stars" symbol
      • Adds color gradient builder
      • Adds color modifiers
      • Adds Dark Moon/Sun/Stars
      • Adds modifiers for angles, phase (period offset), and wavelength (multiplier)
      • Adds Normal Sun and Moon symbols
      • Adds symbol Floating World which turns off horizon and void rendering
      • Adds symbols for specifying number of suns/moons
      • Changes Normal Stars to be color gradient aware
      • End Stone
      • Ender Island
      • Ender Starfield
      • Fixes Chromatic Mappings
      • Fog/Sky/Cloud/Horizon color symbols replaced with modifier aware forms
      • Nether Fortress
      • Night Sky Color
      • Rainbow
      • Renames length symbols to contain "Length"
      • Stone
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    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy FTB Changelog Team

    Mystcraft Continued:
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    • Adds lightning handling to 'toggleable' weather patterns
    • Adds some extra safety checking for packet handling
    • Adds some safeguards to prevent trying to use non-notebooks at inventories
    • Adds some security checks for EntityPlayerMP casting
    • Can place writing desk over replaceable blocks
    • Corrects issues with page(symbol) remapping
    • Desk sends age data properly for descriptive books in surface source slots
    • Disables linking item repair recipes
    • Does not build age symbol list until first link
    • Fixes an issue with generating biomes with blockIds >127
    • Fixes counting for number symbols
    • Fixes crash bug in desk
    • Fixes crash bug on generation of biome blocks with ids > 127
    • Fixes desk skipping age ids on SSP
    • Fixes display of link item name on uninitialized items
    • Fixes issue with setting null/empty string on book binding
    • Fixes issues with agedata save dirty flag and normal weather
    • Fixes issues with multiple players using the same desk
    • Fixes issues with remapping a page to multiple pages in the notebook
    • Fixes issues with remapping notebooks from the desk
    • Fixes linking on mounted entities
    • Fixes misplaced sound event handler (sound registration)
    • Fixes portal colors/updates
    • Fixes RP2 item removal from book holders (why set null and not decrStack?)
    • Fixes sending of lectern maps to clients
    • Fixes shift clicking into desk
    • Fixes shift clicking items into notebook inventory
    • Improves handling of inventories
    • Improves handling of notebook nbt
    • Lectern GUI handles non-book items correctly
    • Lectern limits what items can be placed
    • Lecterns/Stands/etc eject invalid items piped to them into the world rather than eating them
    • Makes Binder retain pending title through save
    • Moves unregistration of dims to after server is shutdown completely
    • Prevents 'creative only' (zero-frequency) symbols from being added to treasure/trades
    • Prevents Desk from getting a tile entity on 'off' block
    • Prevents linkbook entity despawn from distance
    • Prevents opening gui on non-player player instances
    • Prevents piping of items to binder
    • Prevents portals from firing clientside
    • Removes fog color changes at sunrise/sunset when facing west
    • Removes unused, secondary tileentity on desk
    • Sends agedata when agebook is placed irregardless of slot (for notebook slots)
    • Symbol renders ? if word components size == 0
    • Syncs title for binder across clients
    • The lectern is properly updated when items are removed
    • Updates symbols in book for observers when others are writing
    • Various improvements to the Notebook Inventory system
    • Caves/tendrils generation seed no longer tied to block id
    • Changes caves/tendrils/ravines to use symbol instance seed (breaks alignment with old generation)
    • Horizon Color is now a modifier. It sets the current "sunset" value and builds a gradient from the previous.
    • Moves clouds to y-level 0 on void worlds
    • Moves Horizon sunset/sunrise color effects rendering to suns/moons
    • Removes Symbol Categories
    • Adds command for setting player link permissions
    • Replaces set time and toggle weather with dimension aware versions
    • Changes names for config options for crafting
    • Changes automatic biome symbol generation to check for existing (doesn't replace custom biome symbols)
    • Changes default fog color to native fog color
    • Adds mouse wheel functionality to horizonal page slider
    • Adds mouseover tooltip to book/target pages in desk
    • Adds render clipping feature to scrolling areas (surface and binder array)
    • Adds scrollable pages gui element
    • Changes auto-sort of pages to middle click
    • Changes behavior of clicking on a notebook tab with an item in hand to automatically put the item in the notebook if possible
    • Changes left click on page in desk notebook to pick up immediately (no drag)
    • Changes surface element to be scrollable
    • Changes writing to only work on right click on page
    • Changing notebook tabs resets the surface scroll
    • Correctly aligns the symbol on a page
    • Gives pages a unique image
    • Renders notebook name on tab if set
    • Renders pages correctly so overlapping works correctly
    • Rescales pages in the book binder (to fit)
    • Rescales pages in the surface and the right side display of the desk
    • Sets max scroll to half remaining view area
    • Adds background images to slots
    • Adds Limited Slots (can only place valid items)
    • Adds scrollbar to page surface gui element
    • Adds slots for handling liquid I/O to desk
    • Cleans up gui images
    • Desk GUI Redesigned
    • Displays pages in desk target notebook in slider element
    • Doubles scroll speed on page surface
    • Fixes elements to only use mousewheel if the mouse if over the element
    • Implements scrollbar on notebook inventory gui
    • Limits placeable items in book binder
    • Limits placeable items in desk (source/surface slots)
    • Limits placeable items in link modifier
    • Pages in Book GUI
    • Render book gui in desk if book is target
    • Uses predefined Narayan for symbol poems
    • Adds basic texture for the book binder
    • Adds coloring to arrow buttons for notebook slots
    • Adds slot number render to notebook slots in desk
    • Adds symbol poems and cleans up words
    • Changes disarm effect to have anything from 3-8 points
    • Corrects render order of 'words' in poems
    • Extends Star Fissure render distance (256)
    • Fixes formatting of biome symbol names
    • Fixes rainbow alpha
    • Improves rendering of lectern item
    • Moves particle effects on linking up slightly
    • Optimizes Star Fissure render
    • Puts panel gui in translated matrix
    • Puts scrollable pages element in matrix
    • Remove void particles from ages
    • Renders notebook name at top of notebook inventory
    • Replaces rainbow render effect

    PortalGun by iChun: 1.4.7v2 – 1.4.7v3 (All Except Magic World)
    Show Spoiler
    • Added option to allow only command executers to place portals on the moon.
    • Added note for users who put modPartsDisabled as letters and not numbers.
    • Added config to use the old PortalGun and LFB recipes, dubbed Easy Mode.
    • Added “glow” to “glowy” parts of the PortalGun model.
    • Made block grabbing respect block hardness, negative means no grabby.
    • Fixed error reading setting in the console.
    • Fixed ceiling portal links putting the entity in the ceiling.
    • Fixed floor portal links displacing the player too high.
    • Fixed wall portal links setting the player too high.
    • Fixed portals spawners being shown as a tool.
    • Fixed zombies holding portal guns in the air.
    • Fixed crashing with Block entities.
    • Fixed Out Of Bounds crashing with Block entities.
    • Fixed Weighted Companion Cubes not healing the player.
    • Fixed Command info being cut off due to excess length of chat message.
    • Fixed crash due to limit in mod chunkloaders hit.
    • Fixed Mystcraft Portal duplication glitch.
    • Fixed Single Coloured Portal resetting both colours.
    • Attempted fix at complete loss of momentum when portalling to areas unloaded to the client.
    • Attempted fix at stuck in ground issue when portalling to areas unloaded to the client.
    • Attempted fix at Block entities getting being placed in the floor.
  5. VikeStep

    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy FTB Changelog Team

    Railcraft by CovertJaugar: – (All Packs)
    Show Spoiler
    • Improved CraftGuide support for Rock Crusher and Coke Oven.
    • Added ability to adjust a Locomotive's Speed.
    • Added Limiter Track for controlling Locomotive Speed.
    • Added Whistle Tuner item for adjusting a Locomotive's Whistle.
    • Steam Locomotives!
    • Added Train version of the Lockdown Track.
    • Broke down and added a Creative Tab. *rages at Sengir for abandoning the faith*
    • Villager Detectors should now work with custom Villagers.
    • Added Locomotive Detector, put Wool in the Slots to represent colors.
    • Added custom death messages for the Tunnel Bore damage.
    • Added custom Walls: Sandy, Infernal, Concrete, Obsidian, Nether Brick, Brick, Stone Brick (all variants), Sandstone (all variants), Snow, and Ice.
    • Added Locomotive Track, will set a passing Locomotive's current mode. Whack it with a Crowbar to change modes.
    • Added Whistle Track, texture modeled after an Irish Whistle Post.
    • Added Iceman's Backpack, it can pick up and compress Snowballs into blocks and it can also be used to (re)supply you with a steady stream of Snowballs.
    • Tank Detector reworked to be more flexible.
    • Relayer and Undercutter now use Phantom Slots for the pattern.
    • Switched file from a zip to a jar.
    • Doubled the output of all Track recipes.
    • Boosted Locomotive force.
    • Locomotive Detector now accepts vanilla Dyes in addition to Wool for specifying the color.
    • Steam Engines no longer explode when their energy bar fills up, instead they "blow a valve" and get stuck until someone whacks them with a wrench/crowbar.
    • Saltpeter world gen was completely rewritten.
    • Saltpeter -> Fertilizer recipe now requires 2 Dirt and 2 Sand.
    • Rebalanced Hobbyist Engines slightly, increase fuel usage per conversion from 6.4 to 8 and reduced the Steam/Water Tanks to 4 Bucket capacities.
    • Water Tanks have positive pressure.
    • High Speed Explosions are now more impressive and spread flames. I can do this because I'm fairly confident that I finally fixed all of the bugs with HS Track.
    • Ice/Snow Walls are now added to the Iceman's Backpack instead of the Builder's Backpack.
    • Engineer's Overalls now provide some protection from getting hit by a Locomotive.
    • Changed Infernal Brick recipe to be similar to Sandy Brick. Reduces the Soul Sand cost by a 1/5th.
    • Saltpeter now spawns in any hot and arid sandy biome.
    • Saltpeter spawns one layer beneath the surface in large uncommon clusters (aka Caliche).
    • Saltpeter clusters will regenerate over time, provided there is still sand at the surface.
    • Safe tracks are HS straight tracks that are connected to other HS Tracks on both ends. This can include unswitched Turnout Switches, but Wye Switches are never "safe".
    • Carts will explode if they are moving at HS and encounter a "not safe" track.
    • Completely rewrote the shift-click code to be generic enough to handle all inventories and hopefully prevent future dupe bugs. (fixes Rolling Machine dupe bug)
    • Fixed bug with Disposal Tracks and Player entities.
    • Fixed block sounds.
    • Added ISidedInventory support to the Hobbyist Engine.
    • Fixed Switch Motors not being powered by redstone from below.
    • Hobbyist Engine no longer vents Steam when not burning.
    • Fixed Rolling Machine shift-clicking.
    • Removed the UE API version check, caused more harm than good.
    • Fixed Custom Damage Sources not setting the source entity and prohibited Locomotive collision damage from applying to anything with 100 HP or greater.
    • Various tweaks to High Speed Tracks and Cart Linking to improve using Locomotives and Trains on HS Track.
    • Various tweaks to Elevator Tracks and Cart Linking to improve the ability for Trains to use Elevators. Its not perfect, but its better.
    • Fixed derpyness of World Anchors when a certain (unusual) combination of config settings is set.
    • Iceman Backpack no longer eats infinite Snowballs when full.
    • Converted sounds to mono-44100Hz Ogg files, hopefully that fixes issues some people are having with sounds.
    • Reinforced Switches and Junctions now have explosion resistance like they should.
    • Fixed issue with East-West High Speed Tracks.
    • Creosote Cells are actually registered now.
    • Completely scrapped the unreliable methods of detecting sudden stops at High Speed in favor of marking tracks as "safe" or "not safe".
    • Fixed a bug in the collision code that could result in random HS Explosions of Trains immediately following a chunk load.
    • Link drag is only applied if the Locomotive Module is active.
    • Replaced all server side markBlockForUpdate() calls with a custom packet sender, should help reduce chunk updates that need to be sent.
    • Discovered and fixed a misconception related to explosion resistance that caused most blocks to have massively better resistance than intended.
    • The Trackman's Backpack will no longer pick up everything.
    • Liquid Loaders once again obey the Top Off mode.
    • Various language updates, adds pl_PL.
    • Updates to it_IT, and nl_NL.
    • Various translation updates.
    • Added Chinese Translation by crafteverywhere.
    • Added a new function (clearPairings()) to AbstractPair in order to fix a minor bug with the Tuning Aura.
    • The network changes required some changes to the Track API.
    • Updated the UE API again.
    • Updated to Forge (required).
    • Updated UniversalElectricity API.
    • Two new block ids were required for the Saltpeter Ore Spawner block and the new Walls.

    Steves Carts by Vswe: 2.0.0.a45 – 2.0.0.a58 (All Packs)
    Show Spoiler
    • Added cart assembler upgrades. This includes but is not limited to: Speed upgrades, cart modifying, redstone control and the abillity to use more fuel types.
    • Reorganized the Createive Tabs a bit and added a 'Steve's Carts 2 Block' tab
    • Added the 'Module disassembling' effect and the upgrades 'Upgrade: Quick demolisher' and 'Upgrade: Entropy'.
    • Removed the instant assembling in creative, use the Creative Mode upgrade instead
    • Prevented railers from placing rails in odd places while going on a down slope.
    • Added a horizontal limit to the wood cutter. This will prevent it from cutting leaves on trees miles away.
    • Buffed the 'Upgrade: Module knowledge' and 'Upgrade: Industrial espionage' upgrades.
    • Fixed the 'Upgrade:Redstone Control' recipe properly this time. (Derp)
    • Fixed a loading/saving crash of the cart assembler upgrades.
    • Fixed a small bug in the 'Upgrade: Redstone Control' recipe
    • Fixed a bug with the Cargo Manager's transfer limit set to a specific number of items.
    • Fixed a bug with the wood cutter that made it stop and burn fuel when it had full inventory, tried to plant a sapling and had wood nearby at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue with other things than coal forced into the fuel slot of the cart assembler.
    • Fixed an issue with carts working on time consuming tasks.
    • Fixed a bug which caused modules being removed from a cart to be ignored in the time calculation. Disassembling was never supposed to be instant.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented upgrades from dropping their contents when broken.
    • Fixed a crash issue if a mob tried to pathfind on top of an upgrade.

    Thaumcraft by Azanor: 3.0.2c – 3.0.3 (All Except Teach)
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    • The ability to remove all (or at least most) aura nodes in the config.
    • Quicksilver drops. Combine 9 in a crafting table to get quicksilver
    • Magic mirrors, they are more common than you think
    • Reduced the vis cost of the arcane bore a bit. Will now only cost 1 vis per 3 blocks mined
    • Items with repair enchantment will now only repair when worn or on the hotbar
    • Added slowfall to Sword of the Zephyr. Cheers to Unhost aka Nativision's video for the info
    • API: api additions
    • API: the way IVisRepairable is used has changed slightly. Items are no longer repaired using onUpdate
    • API: Tempus aspect added
    • fixed arcane bore dupe bug
    • fixed silk touch+pickaxe of the core in arcane bore and removed an infinite diamond/redstone/etc. exploit
    • existing frost shards in world when you log in shouldn't crash you anymore
    • fix for noteblock listener holding on to world references where they shouldn't

    Thaumic Bees by MysteriousAges: 1.3.0d (Direwolf20 Only)
    Show Spoiler
    This is a newly added mod to the pack, please watch this tutorial if you want more information

    ThermalExpansion by TeamCoFH: 2.2.0 – (All Except Tech)
    Show Spoiler
    • There has been a large internal refactor - the CoFH Core mod is now required for Thermal Expansion.
    • The "telenames.cfg" file has been moved to the save directory under /cofh. You will need to move this to keep your old names. Sorry!
    • Frame support for Conduits and Liquiducts.
    • Gregtech support for Ore-Dict unification.
    • Changed: MJ Reader is now the Multimeter and works on Liquiducts.
    • The internal rendering mechanics have been overhauled completely.
    • Engineering Turtle should no longer crash the game if removing a Tesseract.
    • Fixed an issue with Liquiducts being leaky in some circumstances.

    Xeno's Requilary by x3n0ph0b3: 1.05d (Direwolf20 and Magic World)
    Show Spoiler
    This is a newly added mod to the pack, please watch this tutorial if you want more information

    If you notice any problems and/or have information on Forge Changes, please PM me

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