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Jul 29, 2019
This may sound a little stupid but I have been trying to set up a Direwolf20 mod pack server for me and some friends. I am going through all the basic steps but when I get to the IP address and that kind of stuff I really get lost I am just looking for a basic walk through. If you could reply with a way for me to contact you that would be great, if not that's okay too, thanks.


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Jul 29, 2019
There are multiple ways to contact me, and I am happy to help. In fact, if you want to work on a usable walkthrough with me from start to finish, I'd be happy to go that route, too. I figure FTB needs one of those official "how do I set this up" things for the work outside of FTB.

email - seanringrose12 at gmail dot com
AIM - scr101282
Yahoo - seanringrose

Those three are the easiest way.[DOUBLEPOST=1356795392][/DOUBLEPOST]Scratch that, someone already did ->

3. Running a server on a local network. Behind a router.
If you are running a server on the same network as you play on. You need to use the local IP to connect to that server yourself.
  • If the server is running on the same computer, then use
  • If you are playing on the same network but a different machine, use a Local IP like
    • Windows LocalIP: Start-> Run-> CMD-> ipconfig -> IPv4 address
    • Lunix LocalIP: type ifconfig in the console.
Also if you want other to play on your server from outside your router.
  1. you will need to find your external IP. You can do that with a website like this.
  2. Once you have your external IP, you need to open your ports for Minecraft in your router. Most routers in general home setups have the address:
  3. Once in there forward the port your minecraft server is running on. Standard port is 25565.
  4. Also check if your router or computer firewall is NOT blocking the java or port.
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