Mac Infinity Evolved Server crash on initialize

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Jul 29, 2019
Mac Infinity Evolved Server crash on initialize
Launcher Version:
Infinity Evolved Server
Modpack Version:
Log Link:
Details of the issue:
I've been trying to find a fix, but couldn't come up with keywords that would find a matching crash.

When I start the server for the first time it wants me to do the eula thingy, and if I did and re run the server it crashes with this log.

It seems like it doesn't find the coremods;
[13:01:30] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Examining for coremod candidacy AdvancedSolarPanel-1.7.10-3.5.1.jar
[13:01:30] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Not found coremod data in AdvancedSolarPanel-1.7.10-3.5.1.jar

But a littlebit earlier it states that the fundamental coremods are located;
[13:01:30] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: All fundamental core mods are successfully located

Besides that it looks like it crashes on;
[13:01:30] [main/INFO] [STDERR/]: [java.lang.Throwable:printStackTrace:461]: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: me/superckl/biometweaker/core/BiomeTweakerCore : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

But even there I couldn't find any matching crashes. A littlebit troubled :\

Thanks in advance,