Looking Beta-Testers (Modpack)


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Jul 29, 2019
First I wanted to say Hello! And thanks for reading this thread. And sorry If this is in the wrong section.

So, I've started to make a modpack for my upcoming server with Quests. But I also wanting to publish it for other people to enjoy. For that I need YOUR help! Basically I need some people how want to "beta-test" my modpack, my quests and the changes I made. Why? Because I don't like putting something up that's buggy as hell.

The modpack is currently hosted on Curse Forge, Technic Launcher and is awaiting approval on the FTB Launcher.
Currently I have 50 Quests ready

And have numerous changes to recipes, and one custom item. (Click here to read what changes)
I also added a custom dungeon (This is NOT rendered in minecraft! The map is exported from minecraft and then imported & rendered in Cinema4D!):

The modpack currently contains 116 Mods.

If you want to help "beta-test" or rather playtest the Modpack, feel free to comment and/or write me a PM!

Again huge thanks for reading this. It really means alot to me!