Request Install a no-modded map



I want to know how can I install a no-modded map. I use the modpack FTB Beyond at the moment.
The Idea is to modifie the map with the help of the modpack, but i install the map like i do with normal Minecraft, but it doesn't work.
Can someone help me ?


Too Much Free Time
Dec 8, 2012
Lost as always
This is doubtful possibility at best, due to how world generation works.

When a map is created, all of the information about the map is also created, and any explored chunks are generated with all the resources that minecraft has to offer. However, if the map was generated in a vanilla instance, then it will NOT have any resources added in by mods, which in many cases will prevent you from being able to get much use out of them.

There are a couple of mods which have a feature called 'retrogen' that can try to help this, however it won't be able to make everything you will need for your FTB Beyond experience.

It would be easier to obtain the map seed (/seed is the command, or you can find the seed with F3), then created a new map with FTB Beyond using that specific map seed. That way, you get roughly the same map generation, but with all the resources you will need to enjoy your experience more completely.


Jul 29, 2019
Probably far too late to be of any help, but this is 100% doable. The most important thing is just that the map and your Minecraft are on the same version. I used to do this with Vechs's Super Hostile maps all the time. Place the save file in the correct folder and it just works.