Help finding a movie name..


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Jul 29, 2019
Today i watched one french movie.One girl wants to get in a relationship with some guy , and she makes lots of quests for him to find her.
That guy works in a sex shop and his name is Nino or Nico.
She takes photos of herself in public photo-machine and puts that picture under that machine.
Also she was near some store and some guy was yelling at his helper (that 'chief' thought that he is some kind of plant?!)and then she said "YOU ARE NOT CARROT,EVEN CARROTS HAVE SOULS!" or something similar.
She also makes a false letter to ms.Valera(im not sure it starts on V)from her husband that has gone on Mon Blanc,that letter came 40 years later after its written..
Also in movie appears some old artist that is her neighbor,he records a tape and says 'god damn go and get him allready'.
then she went on window and looks on street ,its empty,she rushes at the doors ,opens them and surprise , he was behind the door.They start to kiss each other etc etc(love movie :p).
and thats how movie ends.

Thats all what i can remember ,if someone can recognize this movie and tell me right name of it i would be very pleased .Thanks in advance..! :)