FTB Beyond Resource Pack

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Title FTB Beyond Resource Pack

Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App

Modpack FTB Beyond

Modpack version Newest?

Have you modified the pack? No

Link to log file

Details of the issue Me and my friend are trying to get some resource packs to work on FTB Beyond, they always worked on other modpacks but not on FTB Beyond. Right now its only replacing everything NOT vanilla (weird). And yes I have googled, alot. This pack is apparently even made for this version? https:))//bdcraft(dot)net/community/releases-for-packs-f10/feed-the-beast-beyond-t6121(dot)html
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Oct 3, 2012
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The resource patches for mods don't include the vanilla textures. You will need to combine it with the FTB Beyond pack. Unfortunately it is against the rules to distribute the vanilla textures other than from the site

Google is your friend if you are unsure how to do this.