Open 1.3.0: Mod addition suggestion - Thaumcraft Mob Aspects


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
As the title says, I believe the addition and configuration of the mod addonThaumcraft Mob Aspects would be great for Thaumcraft progression in this pack.

Just so I can do Thaumcraft crafting without relying on randomly generated nodes.

There will still be the need to look for nodes, to energize, for example. I don't think there is a mechanic in this pack to transfer nodes without damaging them (*cough*BloodMagic*cough*), so it, I think, would balance early game progression.

I think it fits into the pack (killing to get stuff) and would help/bypass an issue inherent to Thaumcraft, that has been very changed in Thaumcraft 5.

Thanks for your consideration of this.

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:

Known Fix:
Installing and configuring a mod for a couple hundred creatures (give or take 50).


I can support this idea greatly, after all, this modpack is HEAVILY based on AoA - which also includes a ton of killing. This mod suggestion will also decrease the amount of time you spend to find nodes and constantly refill your wands to craft anything.