WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - 18+ - Friendly - 9+ years up time!

Whitelist WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - 18+ - Friendly - 9+ years up time!

Come join us in out Kitchen sink style Adventure modpack!
New servers are open join today!
We have now added a bunch of building related mods to our modpack so every creative minded member will have new blocks and structures to use for immersive builds!
We have now upgraded our storage to a Patriot Viper VPN100 1TB. server is reinstalled and all the servers are working well!
We have now added Bee, Trains, and more Decoration blocks to the modpack! come join today!
With a good 2 weeks of the community playing we have now sorted out most of the kinks. so if you wanna join a high count modded server that performs well with a wonderful tight knit community apply today!
Join today and get on the hype train!
We are having a Vote the next 24hours on whichj expert style pack we are gonna play for the next 3 months come join and vote!