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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    Aparently there is an Expert Mode pack in development that I did not know about until this morning...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Here are the ones that have caught my eye: Danny's Real Tech StoneBlock S.A.M.M. Steam and...
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    FTB Continuum Release

    Press F3 + H to show advanced tooltips then when you open the quest book it will also display the quest number, older versions of Better Questing would do that when you hovered over a quest and pressed your sneak key.
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    FTB Continuum Release

    I believe that trolling has turned into a hobby for some people, and not just here. It is happening for national issues, as well as for items in my local communinity association. In many cases i don't believe they actually care about the arguement they are making, they are just happy to have...
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    Request Do you suggest mod please?

    With 2 GB I am guessing you will have to go back in time to something like this:
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    Who can I talk to about making a small modpack?

    forge server for 1.10 and newer will not run client only mods, so it will not hurt you to leave them in the server mod folder. It is still faster to do your initial play testing on single player to figure out your world gen and such but after that you should just be able to upload it and...
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    Who can I talk to about making a small modpack?

    Sorry, not interested in that type of pack, i was just bored catching up on reddit and forums and thought I would help out. Twitch launcher has an export/share pack feature somewhere when you look around for it. You can then post/email that zip file to other people so thay can run the pack...
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    Who can I talk to about making a small modpack?

    I saw this on reddit this morning so here you go, no idea if its any good or not, it just happened that both of these crossed my path in the same day. :p
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    April News

    For anyone that might not be following the News forum but following this post specifically; this was just posted a few minutes ago...
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    Severe lag spikes in 1.12.2

    No idea how significant a change this could make but the defualt Twitch launcher utilizes java 8 update 25, you can go into the options and select the jar launcher and select a much more recent version you should have installed on your system. There is a google doc here showing anyone how to...
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    April News

    So this happens every time anyone tries to send any criticism towards anything done by FtB. The forum police come riding in to defend FtB"s honour because they feel it has somehow been slighted and they have the power to restore it. I would feel differently about the answers if somehow they...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    Honestly not trying to be overly critical, just want to be helpful. If you press F1 you can clear your HUD and get rid of that huge shield for taking landscape screen shots.
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    March News

    #1 I see you added that idea to the pack suggestions thread, no need to double post or to add it to this news thread where it does not belong. #2 Ender IO for 1.12 just released and is very buggy both internally and when integrating with other mods. Everyone here knows that mod exists and will...
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    [1.10.2] Age of Engineering

    I believe it is FTB Utilities. I can't remember now if I did manage to alter that to how I wanted things to work, or if I justed added in Aroma Backup and configured that instead. Aroma Core is already there for the Dimensional Mining world so adding an additional client side mod was very easy.
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    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    Before this conversation gets too far into the weeds, yes Agrarian Skies was 1.6.4, yes it had Extra Utilities 1, it also had world interation upgrades for transfer nodes intentionally disabled. The point everyone is trying to make and I hope has been heard, is that end game queusts and goals...