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    FTB Infinity Lite 1.10 - Chunk Loading Ward

    Hi everyone, I just started playing the FTB Infinity Lite pack for 1.10, and I was wondering why there is no recipe for the Chunk Loading Ward.. is it due to the version of ExtraUtils2 or is it disabled on purpose ?
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    [1.7.10] New FTB Retro

    Is this the pack Slowpoke101 is streaming on ? Have the mentioned issues been fixed ?
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    How Do You Find the Will to Keep Going?

    Well, I tend to have that kind of problems too, ending up loosing the motivation to play a pack. In general, what keeps me going before this eventually happens is trying to automate all kinds of things, using as many different mods as possible !
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    [1.7.10]FTB Insanity Redone[Tech][The Pyramid][Retro Redone]

    The two monastics drones didn't help me to get quartz, unfortunately. I spent like two hours trying to get a monastic princess, without any luck. And I couldn't even use Gendustry machines, because well, processors require nether quartz. But otherwise, since I got a blaze rod EMC generator...
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    Witchery Recipes not updated for Expert mode on Infinity evolved servers

    Exact same problem here.. did you find a solution except maybe update the pack ?
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    Same crash here, falling gravel crashes the game
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    I get an error log every time I try to load a world (new or existing) Mod Pack: Unstable 3.0.1 Mod & Version: is it Just Enough Items ? Could be, according to the package name What's the bug: impossible to load any world. Client doesn't crash but comes back on the title screen Crash report...
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    Infinity Phantom Crash

    Same here Log: It seems to be related to a potion effect
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    Direwolf20 season 7 - Huzzah!

    He clearly said in one of his last LP's that he loves void worlds, because it "should" prevent DireWiring and also that he could plan more easily where he wants to build what.
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    [Spotlight] Immersive Engineering ! (French)

    Hi guys we're back ! You didn't get enough fun in the first episode ? The machines weren't big enough for you ? Then watch the second part of this spotlight, and I'll present you the more advanced tech available in this awesome mod !
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    [Spotlight] Immersive Engineering ! (French)

    Hello everybody ! I'm back with a brand new kind of episode, a mod spotlight on... Immersive Engineering ! You guys probably saw this mod on ForgeCraft and waited for it for a long time, and it is now out ! Just come by on YouTube to get a good overview on what this mod is all about ! Believe...
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    Iron farms in FTB Infinity?

    Mystcraft is probably a good solution. Make some random ages, find and empty the library + hidden chest (note the coordinates), make a new age, go to the coordinates, loot the library, repeat until you get the iron ore page. I made a world that has iron ore spheres, and it isn't that bad...
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    [French] Agrarian Skies 2 !

    Hello everybody ! I made quite a few things since last time, to the point of having a fully automated wood farm that powers my mana generation setup for Botania !
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    Horizons: Daybreaker Released

    Glad to see that Horizons is out ! However, I was hoping to see Immersive Engineering too.. Is the mod still too much WIP ? WIll it be added at some point ? (I don't know if it is even downloadable, but if it is, that's one I'm going to add to the pack :-) )
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    Overclocking the vanilla furnace

    just wait for Immersive Engineering to come out ! There will be heaters that will speed up the adjacent vanilla furnaces :)