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    Casual Server Private Infinity Server - Looking for 1-4 Players to play with

    hi I would be intressed in finding a cool group of people to get a long with and play some ftb ive been playing dw20 pack since 1.4.7 age 22 mic blue yeti pro twitch: YouTube: teamspeak:yes skype:yes
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 (1.7.10,1.0.3) WHITELISTED

    1. Ign? no sorry 2. Age? 21 3. How long you been playing? 2010 4. Favorite mod(s)? mfr ae2 and ender io 5. How long you play daily? 4 hrs a day 6. Why do you want to join a small based server? big servers have to many people that mess about to much and looking for a nice little mc famliy to play...
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    Open 1.0.3: infinty client side crashes

    Version: 1.0.3 What is the bug: hi there the infinty mod pack opens and loads up fine for me and i can log onto the server fine but all of the sudden my client will crash back to desktop. server side client side
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    Whitelist Server [1.0.23] Riff Raff Syndicate [pve, whitelist, 40 slots, Towny, Grief protection, Mature/14+]

    n-game name: ITz_ross Age: 21 Time spent playing modded Minecraft:played since the 1st direwolf20 released his mod pack Reason I want to join: (Valid reason -> surprise us! )would like to join a fantastic family in the modded mine craft world
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    Whitelist Server EU.Craft - Direwolf20 1.0.23 | Whitelist | New World | Mature 17+

    IGN: Itz_ross Age: 21 Location Uk Birmingham Why should we white list you: looking for a good community and family that i can join to gain new knowledge and to teach some How active will you be/ How often will you play?: all ways spend my time on ftb playing Direwolf20 and magic farm :p